Look, it’s Reset Day! OMG Timewalking is back, PLUS there’s a 7.1 Q&A to look forward to! Yes, an embarrassment of riches, ladies and gentlemen, a veritable smorgasbord of possibilities to throw ourselves into… unless the patch last night has buggered your Launcher.


If it has? There’s a fix for that. I’m putting this here in case when I log in I have the problem and need to remember how to correct it (cheers Panda Steve.) I won’t get into the game until late (again) today because I’m almost up to date with my writing backlog and that matters more than my Emissary Quests right now, especially if I can do them with Mr Alt in tow. What I’d like to do today is remind people I’m having some parties at the weekend, and I’d love you to come along.


If you’re interested in coming along and being part of a streaming event via Facebook, there is even a signup for you to do so:


I REALLY hope I can see some of you there. I’m not entirely sure what will be happening, but I’ll be giving more details on the day, so if you don’t follow me on Twitter, that might be an idea. There will be giveaways though, so if you like free stuff, you could be there for that.


I’ll be up a mountain in the meantime, meditating on the nature of the Universe…

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