I didn’t know there’s a three boss raid in 7.1. I only now grasp what the ‘Trial of Valor’ is by looking at other people’s Twitter feeds, and wonder if this move is the start of ActiBlizz’ concerted push to give every avenue of play style at least something to do when a content patch drops. What interests me far more however than new bosses in LFR (such a scrub) is the emerging understanding that rewards for this aren’t tiered in appearance, are mostly focused on Artefact Relics, and have transmog very much front and centre.

If I didn’t know better I’d say we’re being handed a gaming framework going forward.


In fact, this isn’t just one set of Transmog, this is multiple sets and colours, depending on which version of the Raid you complete. For someone like me, who only has the time to do LFR, that’s absolutely fine, because at some unspecified point in the future when all this becomes Legacy, you can just go back in and farm the tokens to fill in the holes. Now, I find myself wondering if this is the plan all along, that once Artefacts are redundant in this form, I’m seeing content provided that is being initially designed with Legacy farming in mind. For the casual player, a three boss raid would be perfect to do in an hour, would provide X tokens towards the goal of all the transmog sets, and once you’d finished in one difficulty you’d just swap to the next. 

Honestly, this is the Three Boss Raid I never knew I wanted, but has the potential to become de rigeur as time goes on.


If this happens in the ‘off season’ (or in the odd numbered patches) for the sake of argument, that means 7.0, 7.2 and 7.4 (if we’re heading that way) will be the Tier stuff, the big pushes and the major titles. Then for 7.1, 7.3 and (possibly 7.5) you see fillers, interim content and the catch up mechanisms that allow people late to the game to come in and gear fast. We don’t know the Relic details, but what is apparent is that different ones drop from each of the bosses: this says to me that ActiBlizz are trying to provide players with variety in their weapons, but more importantly giving offspecs and multiple alts the chance to gear fast away from the levelling process.

That’s never going to be a bad thing, and I’m looking forward to seeing if this is a start of a long-term trend towards offering raiders more variety in their biffing experiences.

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