Two days ago, one of the people who made Diablo 2 posted this tweet, and sections of the Internet went into meltdown. The assumption, perhaps not unsurprisingly, was that Diablo 4 was coming. Except, as a good friend pointed out last night, that’s not really how game design works in Irvine:

We already know Tom Chilton’s left the Warcraft team to work on an ‘undisclosed project’ inside Blizzard: it doesn’t take a genius to assume that this might be related to Mr Brevik’s nebulous statement above. What both have to do with the constellation of Libra? Your guess is as good as mine. There have been various suggestions however, of which this is my favourite:

Certainly the Vanilla people are hoping for a break at Blizzcon… but I think what is far more likely is that its something more than just one franchise at work here. We all know how Blizzard love to recycle between titles, after all. I think I know what this calls for.

Time to strap on the Tin Foil.


Nobody expected Overwatch when it launched. That secret was kept pretty tight to the chest and when the trailer was played at Blizzcon? It all went mad. That however was the recycling of a long-term project that had been worked on for years. The Diablo ‘Universe’ has proven to be vastly useful for Warcraft in the re-selling of Azeroth this time around: in fact, many elements of that game have been almost seamlessly integrated from Sanctuary into Legion. So, if I was going to take Diablo elements and combine them with the experience of classic Warcraft, what would I get?

I’d be sticking the classic Warcraft RTS into the Diablo ‘engine’…

It’s no more fantastical than expecting us to have Classic Vanilla Servers (and I’m still not discounting this from Opening Ceremony announcements, saying that now) but what it could do is take the original elements of both platforms and mesh them together in seamless harmony. This would then be accompanied by the original Warcraft RTS games on your tablet, because let’s face it that’s exactly where they’d be most perfect for.

Of course, this is all complete hokum. If you check Brevik’s tweets, he’s talking about a game that ‘pushes the genre to new heights’, and there’s absolutely no chance a remash of Blizzard’s two oldest games is gonna do that. Right?


One thought on “Even Better than the Real Thing

  1. Its got to be something to do with Blizzard Candy Crush – its been long enough since they bought the Candy Crush team so they’ll have something to announce now, that will Beta in the Spring and launch in the summer. Candy Crush + Diabolo for its 20th birthday is my guess.


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