Talk, Talk :: Voice Chat for the Battle.net Launcher


It’s not likely to be the Battle.net launcher for much longer (expect that relaunch and rebrand at Blizzcon) but today on my version comes the announcement that Blizzard Voice is now available to use across the full range of game platforms. So, presumably whilst I’m playing on the Broken Isles, my mate on Hearthstone can still chat about how awesome that Rogue One trailer was last week, plus other relevant game and lifestyle-related conversations. I’ve not tried this yet, but am quite tempted to do so just to see if it’s any better than the bazillion Discord or other voice-type servers currently available.

It looks quite obvious that ActiBlizz are taking the whole ‘central hub for all your gaming experiences’ thing quite seriously, and one assumes this will be of benefit to those people raiding in a pick up group, who do not have access to ‘conventional’ voice comms. Some may say it’s a continuation of the ‘dumbing down’ of this game, and represents holding the hands of players who should really go and find out how to do this stuff for themselves. I think it’s convenience in an application you already use by default.

Time inevitably will tell if this is successful or not.

Surprise, Surprise :: New 5 Man Boss emerges in,
of all places , Gnomeregan


I saw this first appear late last night with someone asking for assistance on Twitter, but only this morning has that request registered. According to the boffins on Reddit, Gnomeregan now has a new 5 man, Legion difficulty boss: complete the final encounter in the instance, leave Thermaplugg up and then press a button on the platform in the room [*] and BOOM, Endgineer Omegaplugg appears. He drops the Vial of Green Goo which has been in the game since 6.2.3, and will require a group of decently geared players to take down, by which Reddit are saying 870 iLevel plus. This may well be part of the ‘secret’ content referred to by @Muffinus this last weekend, and should probably prompt a rush of players into old five mans to try and work out if anything else is hiding in plain sight.

Needless to say, if any news in reference to additional bosses or stealth achievements emerge as a result of completion, we’ll be sure to let you know.



Hallows End has started in Azeroth. You may wish to try and fail to win the Mount again this year. I however will be over here, keeping very quiet.


[*] Thank you to for the correction.

4 thoughts on “IN OTHER NEWS :: Listen

  1. When we first started playing, there was an in game voice feature. It never really worked well for us. Most everyone used Vent, Mumble, or Teamspeak. I personally pay for the guilds 35 channel vent server. While I initially raised an eyebrow when I saw you report this, giving further thought on it, I would have to see what additional features might be included. Can you raise or lower volume on specific people, can you mute them. Can you password protect the channel so that some wanker does not pop in to listen and start yelling amidst a pull. Personally? Having anything that I need to have an outside source supply being put into the game is spot on good thinking. 12 years businesses have gotten a free ride on WoW and other titles. I’m sure have made a tidy profit along the way too. With everyone watching where their monthly budget go, having one less bill for me is welcome news.

    Can’t wait to hear about more features and improvements.


  2. Good job, Ace Reporter Alt! I didn’t know about this stuff.
    If we (finally) have a reliable in-game voice program, that would make a huge difference to our play. Frankly, Blizz should be embarrassed for ignoring voice chat for so long.

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  3. it will be good to have something in game that just works. We use Discords at teh moment – simplistic but robust and easy ish. But something like Marathal’s wish list – in game and free – that would be so much better


  4. Curse has also recently included free voice chat in their client and it’s working fine enough for our guild’s raiding… Maybe some breakthrough tech was recently introduced in the IT world that made voice chats easier to implement in non-dedicated applications?


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