This blog post all started from my mate Julia, and this Tweet:

The Auction House is about to undergo a small but significant update next week with 7.1, which will allow players to search for price per unit without the need for third party code which does the same. To be honest, the only reason I run an add-on at present (I use Auctionator) is because of the way people list items, making it incredibly frustrating trying to work out what is the cheapest way to buy raw materials. Like Julia, I won’t buy individual units in most cases on principle, unless they are ridiculously cheaper than what I know is the average price. Once upon a time this did happen, but it is such a rarity now on my server that is is simply easier leaving the calculation to a UI attachment. Blizzard have clearly grasped this, hence the change.


There’s other problems for me to sort in my own mind, on top of this, and a lot of them rotate around still not grasping that the maximum stack size for raw materials is 200. I know that’s what I get stacked in my bag but I have to resist the temptation to split the pile down myself. After that, there’s the very real desire not to use the AH at all if I can go out and gather for myself. However, when selling in this Expansion I have been able to command my own prices, especially in periods where I have been the only seller in the market. A lot of my cash on Pherian’s been made via leather, and without having to worry about anyone undercutting me, because the stuff’s sold so fast to begin with.


I know why it happens, and the people doing it with programmes that make all those extra coppers add up when someone else uses code to buy all the sales. It’s like Richard Pryor’s character in Superman 3, taking all those pennies from other people’s pay cheques and becoming a millionaire overnight. Except, as a point of principle, I now refuse to do this, and if I see you selling stuff in this manner you can guarantee you just lost my business. I have better things to do with my time after all, like write blog posts moaning about the people who do this and then fob it off as ‘enjoyment’ of the game, on their terms, which of course it is. Yet again, this is no definition of ‘fun’ that I’ve ever experienced, but that’s because my gold making’s never really involved ‘playing’ the AH to begin with. It’s just a place where I sell, and now very occasionally buy. In fact, since I stopped raiding, pretty much my only interest in the AH is vanity pets, and they can’t be stacked.


Everything else, as they say, is just gravy. I think Julia’s spot on, but that’s not going to stop the determined from ploughing on regardless, however much extra is involved.

Good luck with that.

5 thoughts on “Single Ladies

  1. Stacking it something that changes as an item ages. I’m buying lots of pre-legion enchant mats, but I don’t want to buy in bulk as I know there is a chance that some time soon the legacy stuff i’m selling won’t sell any more. Some of the items I buy are quite expensive in relative terms and I don’t want to get stuck with a large stock of expensive useless mats. I have made the mistake of buying 200 of something I just wanted two of. So I like the vendors the post say 5 stacks each of one, 10, & 100 so I have choices in the limited ‘retro-mat’ market.

    But in the current expansion – anything less that a stack of 10 is not on and even that is not really needed.

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    • At the start of the expansion, I could pick out all those that had lived in the PTR planning. Those that knew exactly what recipes would require. Something needed 40 leather? I’ll list a stack of 35 at a fair price, and a stack of 5 at a steep markup. I try my best to list in stacks of 10, 20, even 50. Mostly I look at price point. I could list 50 of a thing for 10,000g and have it sit for a long time, or list 5 stacks of 10 for 2,250g and someone will buy up all 5 stacks. It’s marketing. List a car for $19,999.99 and people see all the 9’s as 0. Tell them the car is $20,000 and they will skoff at you.


  2. This is my biggest pet peeve in game, especially now as I’m working on professions on all the alts and needing mats. I will also pay more for stacks and I will not buy from you again if you’re listing 400 Aethril in stacks of 1. Make it easy on me and let me save time by buying a stack of 200. I will pay more, I don’t care. It’s just pixel gold but it’s real life time.


  3. I don’t like selling basic crafting materials for over 2k a pop. I normally sell herbs in their 50s but when the cost heads north of 75g each I switch to stacks of 10. Hobby crafters can buy the small stacks for their immediately use and maybe the extra clicks will put the professional crafters off and leave something for the amateurs.
    Single stacks are a UI exploit. 50 single stacks will block our the front page so the big bundles with a more reasonable cost per unit doing get queried.


  4. See, I’m exactly opposite. On the rare occasion that I visit the AH because I’m short those 3 leathers or 4 fish I’m buying the singles unless there’s a massive saving to buying stacks.
    Why? Because I don’t need more than 3 or some other smaller quantity that others just aren’t posting in.
    I’m not going to touch the stack of 10, even if it’s slightly better per gold than the singles, because I don’t need 7 left over.
    It’s why I also post in singles.


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