I promised myself, when this Expansion began, that I’d do some PvP. What I wasn’t expecting was to do it with my husband, and for it to involve no Hordies at all. However that’s what now happens, as we go and biff the Towers in each Zone whilst World Questing. Doing this alone got me to Level 4 of PvP Prestige Level 0, and suddenly wondering how this works, because right now I don’t have anything new to play with. I assume that the spells appear in my book and I need to maybe find a place for them on a new action bar, or do they automatically turn up somewhere else? That’s an issue for after the Half term break however, when I will be trying Battlegrounds again after an absence of several years. I even have Guildies offering to accompany me, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I want to tell you how awesome the PvP Murloc Arena is in Azsuna.


I’ve come across this area before when I was digging in Archaeology, but when I went there to quest, the joy of the mechanic, I have to admit, made me smile for several hours afterwards. Once you hand in an item to King Mrgl Mrgl you’re effectively marked for PvP combat and that lovely ‘bag’ icon above your head illuminates. This means that if you’re killed by another player (free for all area so either faction) the number of items you’ve collected from killing mobs can be looted off your still warm body. This creates a lovely situation when you’re grouped that all the single players (all the single players) go out of their way to avoid you and getting hit because, you know, I’M NOT FIGHTING THE PALADIN. I’ve done it twice now and whenever I’m in Azsuna from now on it will be a must complete, because of the loot bag thing. The honor, it appears, is minimal, but who cares?

I’ve got a Paladin to protect me.


I should also apologise for a lack of actual content in the last few days, caused not only by me updating websites but due to the very real fact I’ve had perilously little time to play this week except for my phone. In fact were it not for my mobile I’d not be able to have almost completed the Missions portion of my Class Hall quest, which I’m looking forward to doing properly. That is, should I have the time to do so and not be utterly distracted by Civilisation VI, which releases this weekend. It is a rare occurrence that another game grabs my interest, but with actual God Sean Bean acting as the tutorial voice for this iteration of the God Sim Classic?


Has to be done. Be right back collecting daughter from school and then AWAY WE GO :D

2 thoughts on “Big Gun

  1. When it comes to the Gladiator Medallion (first row) I also had a head-scratching moment there, it turned out that I needed to get the achievement for entering a BG or Arena for the first time in order to unlock that talent row. I don’t know if it’s the prerequisite for the other rows to be active too, since I’ve managed to get the achi before unlocking anything else honor-related.

    And yeah, damn paladins, health won’t budge because of all the shields and armor and they Lay on Hands back to full or bubble and self-heal and they have mounted combat in Broken Isles wPvP (Class Hall research)… I’ve fallen prey to more than one of those guys.

    P.S. You probably meant Azsuna, not Azshara ;)


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