Those of you paying attention will notice I didn’t post anything over the weekend. This was an intentional decision, and I feel this is the correct moment to explain what’s likely to happen here going forward. Before I go any further it is worth pointing out that I am not about to retire from the game, or stop playing any time soon.The plan at the start of the year was to extend my remit into more parts of the Internet, and that is going really rather well. Now I’ve got a more general writing vibe going in lots of places, it seems only appropriate that I start refining process further and plan for both playing and writing. A lot of that is away from Azeroth however, as I have discovered that balance is wonderful in all things, and helps for keeping the creative juices flowing. This does not mean however that I will be reducing playtime or stopping altogether. In fact, nothing is further from the truth.


I wanted to play with Facebook Streaming in Azeroth because the potential for video diaries using the same technology is rather splendid for me. I am aware that if I wanted more people to watch I should be considering Twitch, but I feel the people who would be interested in what I do and say wouldn’t be using that platform anyway. So, starting next month, I’m going to commit to one morning and one evening a week. When those are will be polled for via Twitter and Facebook in the coming seven days. I’ll also do my best to stick to the schedule once committed. We’ll try it for a month, and after that in December there’ll be an assessment of whether people are interested enough for me to continue.

I’m also going to be working hard to add some more news to the site, as this appears to have been quite popular when it happened previously. I will also be highlighting some of my personal favourite posts from times past in an attempt to allow me more time to play and keep creating as time goes on. With now almost eight years of back catalogue to choose from? Hopefully you won’t notice too much repetition.


Mostly I wanted to take this morning to thank EVERYBODY who has supported and stuck with me for all of these years, and to welcome new people to the Blog with a promise that I will continue to report on Azerothian life in my own unique and often quite critical manner. Yes, you can still be positive and objective, and if I find anything I think needs highlighting I will do so. The thing about loving something is that if it matters enough, you’ll find a way to help attack shortcomings or deal with issues without it all being reduced to a flouncy, argumentative mess. That’s what you do when it’s real love, not this ‘oh I’m bored now, let’s go play something else’ outlook that so many people seem to possess in gaming of late. I’ve already committed 12 years of my life to Warcraft, and as they turned up and delivered the goods this time around? I see no reason to pack up and leave any time soon.

I look forward to an exiting and entertaining twelve months ahead.

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