It is probably the ultimate irony that in a week that has seen more weirdness in social media circles than I can ever remember, Blizzcon secures the bloke who was born on the same day as me (seven years earlier) to front the closing concert on November 5th. This announcement got met with more joy and anger combined than I can recall from any previous year: what surprised me the most were those who felt that Yankovic isn’t ‘representative’ of the Blizzcon ideal for a closing act. I hate to break it to you kids but, like it or not, this guy is an intractable part of your game’s history.

What this also serves to highlight is even the most ‘sensible’ of people can, at any point, hurl common sense and humanity out of the window before chucking the mother of all hissy fits. Everybody, regardless of who they are and what they do, has the capacity to be toxic. Maybe you didn’t have enough coffee before opening Twitter, perhaps the joke someone else made you didn’t get, or maybe that tweet simply got misunderstood. It happens. However, what is most often the case is that you just open your mouth and say summat before thinking through the ramifications of the words. Once they’re out there, the capacity to retract is pretty small. Mostly, as I grow tired of telling my kids, it is best never to say the thing in the first place. Some thoughts should stay in your head and never see the light of day.

I’ve already made this point in the week, but today I wanted to reiterate a disturbing trend I’ve seen amongst players in my sphere. Over the years I’ve worked quite hard to communicate with the people around me, hoping that this would foster an environment of mutual understanding. What has become apparent in the last week is that, for whatever reason, tolerance seems to be at an all-time low. Maybe this is a reflection of world events, perhaps it is just that for some it is only now that their true natures are being highlighted. I’m not sure why, but honestly, these are only pixels. This wouldn’t be a suitable subject for a Warcaft blog post either, were it not for the fact the game is acting as a much needed escape from the stresses of the real world.


I’m not hiding in Azeroth, however, and that’s a significant step forward. So, when you tell me how unfair it is you can’t get to do X, Y or Z or that I shouldn’t feel jealous because I can’t do what I’d like? That isn’t the problem here. The issue is that I know full well just what I’m capable of and would just like the chance to do so without being judged or a fight breaking out. I just want to play. It is not a life or death situation, I won’t leave however fucking bad you think it gets, and if I embrace your moaning about any of this the real efforts I’ve made to try and remain positive will end up being for nothing. Mostly, I’d like people to try and understand that if you’re trying to be mentally positive it’s impossible when the people around you don’t give a fuck.

No, that’s unfair. I know there’s a lot of very caring people out there, and had ample proof of that last night. The problem is that to care takes more effort, and when you’re already running on zero fucks? Maybe this is the bigger lesson to to take. The best friends are the ones who understand regardless of your situation. They’re the people who hug and simply make do with the circumstances you have. Mostly they are the ones who are happy with compromise if it means that you get to do it another day. Thank you Julia, and Liz, Hannah, Myles and Duncan for being those people.

This is therefore your reguarly scheduled reminder that Azeroth is supposed to be FUN and ENJOYMENT. If you get that from moaning about how you can’t do shit and it’s not fair that the other people on your feed have the time, inclination or ability? You’re doing it wrong.

That’s not the point of playing this game at all.

3 thoughts on “Tacky

  1. It’s just hard to not engage sometimes, although I agree with you completely. For example just this morning I was reading a post at MMO-C about how Mythics are toxic, people are getting kicked out of runs with 870+ ilvl, Blizzard made a solo game that you can’t progress in at a certain point and all raids and dungeons should be solo scaling based.

    Regardless of what you think about that, the truth *in my experiences (important qualifier) is that Mythic PUGs work just fine. I’ve done a bunch of them and haven’t seen any toxicity or kicks, or even bad play. I’ve seen subpart DPS but the effort was still there. I’ve even done a couple +2s in Pugs with varying success (both finished, one on time).

    I had a blog post up that I was afraid of Mythics -not the content, but of asking for and looking for people to do them with. Truth be told once I got over that it has been the most fun and challenging content to date in Legion for me.

    Back to the idea st hand – I posted that thought in MMO-C and I know I will probably get a ton of crap thrown at me for doing so from the trolls and people who can’t see any perspective but their own. Thinking of that made me not want to write it, but why should I feel that I can’t share my honest experiences for fear of rebuttal?

    Also – if you are nice and chat in a PUG chances are you get that same attitude back. Not always, but usually.

    Maybe I am just extraordinarily lucky, but I still believe fundamentally people are good.

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  2. This is it “I had a blog post up that I was afraid of Mythics -not the content, but of asking for and looking for people to do them with. Truth be told once I got over that it has been the most fun and challenging content to date in Legion for me.”

    Exactly that. I think you largely get what you are looking for – if you expect groups to be toxic they are. if you tolerate prats and keep going, or ignore them in the chat, you can make progress just fine. I did a Mythic a few weeks back and it was hell – we could not kill the first boss as people did not know what to do. We talked and shared what we each knew and we got better. We nearly got there, one more go and we would have had it cracked. But all bar me and the person ‘hosting’ the Mythic left. We found a few more people and off we went again.

    I played a lot like Alt during the last expansion, and attempts to raid, and rebuild a guild left me very, very angry – and I aimed it all at ‘Elites’ and anyone saying LFR should go. This time, I am changing how I approach groups, doing more to cultivate community and help people – sometimes doing nothing in game on my agenda at all. If enough of us change ourselves and then feed that back into the community, the social/group side of the game may recover.

    Its all about confidence and expecting a positive outcome. Cause then you might find what you are looking for.

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