Today, I’d like to talk to you about choice.

I think we can all agree that there’s a lot to do in Legion, unless you’re one of those people who plays nothing else but Warcraft. For you, this excess of content may not be enough, but we’ll talk about that side of the coin tomorrow. For now, I’d like to present Exhibit A to the table as proof that ‘nothing to do’ is no longer a problem for the majority: this tweet made by the ‘official’ Warcraft account, only yesterday:

In answer to the question: nope, I’ve not been into Karazhan yet for several reasons, namely:

  1. It’s only been a week since the content was released
  2. I need to run four Mythic dungeons to get in
  3. I only did my third Heroic Dungeon last night

Heroic was hard too, for my extremely casual Guild, and that’s where (one assumes) I could ignore them altogether [*] if this shiny new Mythic 5 man mattered enough and just jump to the Group Finder. Except, there are issues there that mean you won’t find me using the service until some stuff changes. Sure, it’s fantastic for World Boss quests when there’s 40 other people to lose yourself within, but when it comes down to 5 man content? Well, it’s not exactly brilliant. In fact, as is becoming apparent in my Twitter feed, it only works if people decide your class is worthwhile or useful.

Somewhere along the line, probably whilst half the player base was idling in their Garrison, the very worthy belief that one should ‘bring the player and not the class’ was summarily trashed. In effect, we’ve gone back to the dark days of Wrath where if you wanted a PuG you’d not only need Gear Score but to be able to sell yourself, often in several languages if you lived on a European server. This game works best yet again only if you have friends who play. There is an assumption being made that by now everybody’s Battle.net account is full, your ‘family’ of mates who’ll be packing off and heading to Blizzcon is how everybody interacts with this game… which is really a very long way from the truth. Yes, I know what MMO means, yet still a significant portion of this content is consumed by individuals, often who have no-one else who plays with them for large portions of their day. I know this, because that used to be me, but not any more.


I watched an argument in the week, which I contributed to, which suggested that if you ‘do the work’ you could have been running Karazhan last weekend. Yup, that’s undoubtedly true, but makes some fairly sweeping assumptions over the timescales involved, and that players can do this stuff with ease. It’s great if you can call up 4 mates for a couple of Mythics a week, that they’re geared and ready to go, but a lot of us will never have such luxuries. More importantly, we get that there is a limitation. A lot of players simply assume that everybody is just like them, which is really a rather dangerous precedent to set. My world won’t end if I don’t get to run Kara until 7.2, and although Warcraft’s advertising may irritate, I understand I’m not the target audience. I’ve not been that ever since I refused to consume at the speed the content’s being fed at, and that’s entirely my decision. I can’t and won’t blame ActiBlizz for my own choices.

That, however, isn’t going to stop anyone else.

My future is Withered Training, World Quests with my husband and the slow process of knocking off all the remaining Quests in my log. After that it might be alts but in reality… there are some tough decisions ahead for me in the months that follow. It is quite likely that the choices made in Legion will have some serious long-term ramifications for those of us with limited playtime. How that pans out in reality remains to be seen, but for those who wish to play the game their way? An LFG-style queuing system for Mythics would be a start, because ‘random’ at least removes the ability for individuals to be snot-nosed bastards over gear requirements. A certain subset of players (me included) assuming that you ‘just do the work’ isn’t the story, either. The truth is that Mythic is already redefining a part of game-play that’s never really been addressed since LFG was introduced.

Things are already getting pretty messy.

[*] Nope, not gonna happen.

5 thoughts on “You’re The One

  1. Yep. I put on my big boy pants last night and did 3 of my 4 Mythics. And by the way, definitely worth waiting until you have a bunch in your quest log. Even discharging 4 quests last night, I believe now I am up to eight to do left, three of which are in the arcway.

    We ended up pugging DPS. Had a tank and healer. One was a mage in 867 gear demanding big pulls, it’s only Mythic+0. One other run the first question was what + is this. When told just normal +0 they dropped. We are still very early in the expansion considering, and yes it is already getting messy. Especially now that many will be thinking all they need to do is run 4, then go punch Kara in the face for loot and a mount.

    Mmm Hmm. Going to be a lot of salt strewn about.


  2. I’ve pugged several Mythics through Group Finder easily and had fun runs. I even started tanking a bit even though I’m a complete newbie here (to get groups faster). You just have to be upfront about your expectations and capabilities and accept that it’s not a consistent experience. Yes people will drop, whine or whatnot, but for every (assuming bad luck) three people that will behave badly with there’ll be one person who’ll be really helpful and friendly.

    I think the problem to work on is anxiety. It’s not the game itself that limits people here it’s their own feelings. And yes I’ve been anxious too, because I am a really sensitive person in fact. But I decided to work on MYSELF so that this fact stops being my own limitation. Widen my comfort zone. People being jerks should not stop you from doing what you really want to. A group going bad and disbanding mid-instance should neither – just try again tomorrow. After all, we casual players are supposed to be the ones who are not rushing and can wait. Accept failure in order to achieve success.

    I’m not the greatest player with the greatest amount of time, best gear, best class – but I still deserve to PUG a mythic and I WILL do it and stupid anxieties of mine won’t stop me. Because this problem is just in my head.


  3. It isn’t always people being snot nosed bastards, although I know those groups exist. )I’d be silly to argue that they didn’t. Of course they do.) But often it’s because groups get absolutely slammed with DPS apps, and the system doesn’t tell you that the decline is simply because the group filled already.

    I’ve heard that folks are having much better luck and are getting things done by starting their own groups on group finder instead.


    • Yes, also since if you state clearly that it’s a chill run and that there’s no sky high ilvl requirement, the silent lurkers who were too anxious to create their own group might jump on that. Creating your own group seems to be another anxiety barrier for some. If you’re the leader, you get to dictate the terms, it’s nice to be in control :)


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