All you people with the Karazhan groups and the Mythic Keystones and the Raid Schedules, do you know how lucky you are? I hope you do, and this won’t be the start of another week of complaints and grumpciousness. I know a lot of you are off to moan and whine in California for a week anyway, so if that’s the case it might be quite quiet around these parts. That’s okay, because I really like playing on my own. I KNOW, you keep telling me this is an MMO and I’m supposed to do this with other people and yes, a couple of times a week that’s exactly what happens. Me and Mr Alt are a Top World Quest Team, and at this rate I confidently predict I’ll have everybody at Exalted well before 7.2 gets here. However, on the days when it’s not him and me, I have to find stuff to do that will make me happy. Right now, that means finishing Suramar (see above) and trying to sort out my Hunter Class hall quest.


I’ve put off dealing with Illidan for a while now, but on Saturday I got myself pushed through a large portion of the questing. I have to say, the storytelling is brilliant, with clever use of mechanics and the various iterations of game-play. I particularly enjoyed having to fight a 25 man raid in the Black Temple, but there’s a basic problem for me in all of this: I don’t connect with Illidan at all. Having no desire whatsoever to play a Demon Hunter, his story of ‘hardship’ and ‘trauma’ did very little to further endear me with him. In fact, I’ll be honest, I think he’s a bit of a twat. Sadly, he’s also the only person who appears to be capable of stopping the Burning Legion, so (like it or not) I gotta do this thing to the end. Yet again, ActiBlizz aren’t the problem here. I am. I’ll just have to suck it up and push onwards, and as I need a dungeon to complete my Class Hall quest, I’ll have to throw myself into LFG as well.


Then, there’s Withered Training, which is my new favourite thing in the history of ever. In fact 432 (current high score) is going to be bettered at every possible opportunity. I was dragged through some Mythics last night and honestly, that wasn’t as fun for me as a static layout where I have to look after myself and a bunch of mana crazed zombies. Don’t get me wrong, I can utterly see why Mythics are the new Black, especially if you can’t raid as often as you’d like. However, I think the bug for that kind of content in my head has finally been eradicated. Yup, I’ll come along and help out, but honestly, this is my future. It can be as long as I can make it, the rewards are simply re-based, and nobody really dies at all. As long as my gear remains comparable and I can still kill stuff regardless?

I think, all things considered, that’s what I’m looking for going forward.


Oh, and I unlocked the Hunter Class Hall secret transmog ‘look.’ There’s lots of things being discovered in game that have been hidden, and this hood is one of them. If you’re interested in finding how that works? Speak to everybody in the Class Hall, and go from there. No, I’m not telling you any more, because it would spoil the surprise. That’s the best thing of all about this Expansion, after all.

Every day is something new and amazing.

One thought on “All By Myself

  1. I’m not sure if I like the Wretched games any more. I can just about fit in instance runs. An hour doing that training kills my whole evening. Then again, I struggle with Thalyssra telling my that my capturing and experimenting on Withered is what they would have wanted.
    The Val’jar have gotten me into a happy little mood where I feel like it’s time to return to Ranger Apprentice and Skyrim. Need more vikings.


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