Mythics are a big thing this Expansion. Even I in my quiet and unassuming Server backwater get that the landscape has changed. When ‘people’ complained 5 mans had no relevance, ActiBlizz effectively re-branded them as Raid Content Lite. Small-scale instancing is what certain people have craved for years: a series of difficulty tiers, similar to the large-scale Raiding content for groups:

Normal (comparable to LFR)
Heroic (comparable to Normal)
Mythic (comparable to Heroic)
Mythic Plus (comparable to Mythic)

It’s the same basic principle too: learn Normal and once you hit Heroic, expect another mechanic, and a new one at Mythic before Mythic Plus changes the abilities of trash plus boss. It effectively guarantees that even at the highest level gear should not degrade in usefulness and mobs will continue to offer challenge. It is brilliant, and inescapably unforgiving if you can’t grasp the mechanics, just as has been the case for Raid bosses for years. The only difference is that with only five people involved, there’s less complaining.

Everything else is pretty much the same.


In fact, as I’ve now completed three Mythic dungeons since the weekend? That’s exactly the feeling. What used to be a blitz is no longer the case. You can’t just group and DPS the shit out of mob packs. Actual finesse is required. However, the bigger trick is no longer the mobs you fight, but the ones that you don’t. ‘Skill’ isn’t how well you deal with damage, it’s what is avoided to negate it, and this sits with me badly. I am aware that Challenge Mode in Warlords was often less about your ability to do damage and more skill in sneaking past shit to cut time off your total. This was one of the overriding reasons I never got involved in CM’s at all (despite mount rewards) and even after numerous people offering the chance. If I ‘do’ a dungeon, it always irks me that you’re not complete until everything inside is dead. I know, it’s those old-fashioned Vanilla sensibilities rising again. I’m sorry. I just think that maybe if the stuff’s put there to fight, that’s what you should do. Leaving 50% of the mobs up in a Dungeon isn’t a ‘clear’ even though that’s what now is defined as a ‘win.’


Yet in these days of tight timescales and ‘simplified’ combat does it really matter how you do it? Well, apparently so, if I listen to those people on my social media timelines. The problem then becomes how you see yourself in relation to everybody else. Without doubt, this is the hardiest and most comfortable I’ve been with Beast Mastery since… well, ever. I have a decent heal to help out with, a lovely mitigate/regen that can save the day (and has done on many occasions) with Aspects that have some relevance and pets that now do decent damage. In my average gear, with a 900g flask on last night?


That’s husband in 3rd place. I was comfortably offering a solid, strong contribution, and being able to help out with healing by maintaining both myself and pet in combat. Honestly, this is brilliant and more than I could expect when I’ve been in 2 LFR’s and 3 Mythics. This is my time, in effect: you can be casual and yet still contribute. Yet, for many people that isn’t enough any more and it breaks my heart to watch my feed full of people who feel that because their perception bias demonstrates the game doesn’t work, it’s broken for everybody. Mind you, if you’re going to complain that 900g’s too much for a flask I suppose that everything else is an inevitable fail regardless.

If you want something badly enough, you work for it.


The funniest part of all of this is that I’ve not even done all the dungeons. Not seen the Maw of Souls, or either of the Suramar duo because ATTUNEMENT and so there’s content I can’t even access yet simply because the right quest content’s not been unlocked, or that I haven’t randomised. There will be absolutely no complaints from this keyboard that 5 mans are boring and samey ever again, I’m not even sure I will have seen all of them by Christmas at this rate. That also makes the irony of being pushed into Karazhan as ‘new’ when the old’s still undiscovered as… well, typical of a situation where it’s only ‘fun’ to do things if they’re ‘fresh’ or ‘relevant.’ I tell you what kids, if you get off my lawn and stop telling me what the fuck I’ll enjoy and give me a chance to get there on my own, everybody will be far happier in the long run.

You could be the Guildie who complained of no Legendary and then watched someone else win one from an Emissary cache, and decide that the game is against you. That’s a perfectly acceptable way of rationalising the situation, but it’s neither fair nor true. The fact remains that a large proportion of players wanted Dungeons to be relevant again, and they are. Now that’s happened, maybe what these same people could do is remember what they asked for and be happy with what’s been provided… except you don’t. It is just simpler to complain, and have done with it. Well, you carry on with that and I’ll be over here, enjoying my brief period of enjoyable game-play shortly before everything undoubtedly changes again.

Some days, it just pays to keep your mouth shut.

7 thoughts on “Black is Back

  1. I love it. I’m an alchemist so flasks, mana, and healing pots are no issue – and I have done as high as a +5 in 855 gear.

    This is the best WoW expansion for a non-raider willing to put in a modicum of effort.

    95% of my Mythics (and Mythics+) have been pugs, with no issues.


  2. I believe I may be in better gear than you. Not sure, I’m around 852 now. And because I won’t take the default top level talent, that kills you for using it btw. My DPS when I am doing my absolute best, to me at least, is less than half of yours. I’m glad you are doing well. I won’t ask to be carried, because that does nothing to teach me to play better. But I am beyond struggling.


  3. From reading Mr. Rossi’s Blizzard Watch article on Mythics, I think a great deal of people, including myself, have a misconception that these Mythic dungeons are compulsory. Yes, attunement for Kara requires completing 4 in a specific order. But all of these others seem to be optional from comments. Which may be a ball dropped on Blizzards part. Hopefully after this week they will do a developer blog on what is and is not compulsory.

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    • Some quests you get through your class hall champions require Mythic completion, as well as high level artifact skin quests. But otherwise, yes, it’s not mandatory content from what I can tell!

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      • It is confusing when the quests have that orange coloring which makes you think you have to do them. Even the Suramar ones. If you wait until you have enough rep, you get the story anyway from what I’ve read in comments. Apparently there was also a blue post at the beginning of the expansion. I have to go look later.


  4. If you want to get everything, everything will be compulsory to you. If you want to get to Karazhan, the other four Mythics are compulsory to you (somewhat justified in that Karazhan itself is a dungeon that demands your input, and of course, if you’ve got 4 people for Karazhan, they should be available to you for doing the other four dungeons first). The question in the first place would be, what goals you have. And then, the requirements for achieving that goal (or these goals) would constitute the part of the game that’s compulsory to you. Like mating the King is compulsory to people who want to win a game of chess. And since there is an almost(?) infinite number of goals to pursue in WoW, a developer’s blog on compulsory aspects would prove to be difficult.

    And DPS aren’t just dependant on GS, but also on your progress regarding the Artefact weapon. Getting that from 819 to 85something apparently gave a large boost to my DPS for example. In theory, choosing a different top tier talent shouldn’t break your neck as a shadow priest. Additionally, 130k should be sufficient DPS for most dungeons and maybe normal raids. Not that there’s anything wrong with pushing yourself to your limits …


  5. I am wary of dungeons period.

    I despise the dungeon requirement.

    For me it’s an issue of trust (or lack thereof). You’ll also see I’m not uber vocal about it though, because I know it’s on me. I know it’s my choice to only run normals and therefore have abnormally long queue times.

    It’s on me that I’ve been burned enough by the random people I’ve run into to no longer enjoy random people run run running to the end goal.

    I may very well attempt some heroics because I’m getting tired of sitting, staring at these quests in my logs with no release, but that’s only because I now have leveled a dps weapon high enough that I’m approaching my 2nd gold circle.

    Mythics? I’ve accepted that if there’s a mythic quest I’ll simply end up ignoring it.


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