Today, I want to share two videos that changed the way I looked at this game forever. They’re very old, so much so that you only get a low def version to watch, because that’s all there was to record with. In actuality, both these videos pre-date You Tube too, but that’s not why I’m presenting them.

There are lots of Blackwing Lair kills out there but this is EU (Dunemaul) showing how it was done, with so much style and panache I probably cite this as my favourite Warcraft video ever. I was still wiping on the first boss when TBC was announced, and as a result never made it to the heady heights of this being current. I think, on reflection I’m rather glad that was the case, because that allows this video to be my best experience of the Instance and a fitting means of remembering Vanilla with fondness.

A lot of people right now don’t like the direction the game is heading in or has arrived at, and cite this as a better place, and there are days when I find myself happy to agree. The work ethic was different, the rewards far less functional, but as is often the case with early pioneers, nothing ever lives up to the hype of your first journey through a dungeon. However, I accept that even though the past is a great place to visit, I don’t want to live there. This isn’t the game I play any more.

Watch these slices of pure nostalgia, and then realise how lucky we are that Warcraft still exists.

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