There’s a PHENOMENAL amount of information that’s come out of Blizzcon this last weekend, and I’d be lying if I said I’ve managed to take it all in. To be honest, it’s about a week before I’m able to process everything that gets thrown out across those two days. There’s already muttering from certain sectors that the amount of information/new events we’re being given points towards it being physically impossible for anyone to keep up to date with progression. However, as we will discuss tomorrow at length, consumption of content is an INCREDIBLY subjective experience, and your rate does not and will not mirror other people’s.

In fact, I know someone who’s about to cancel their sub on the grounds they simply have too many other games they’d like to play first. That’s got nothing to do with Legion’s content and everything that’s wrapped around player choice, and that’s where we go today, because if I were an RP fan I’d be jumping for joy with the announcement of Micro Holidays upcoming in 7.1.5. This is summat I advocated in a Podcast a while back and to have them come to fruition is, at least for me, acknowledgement that Actiblizz got the memo about Azeroth being a living, breathing world at whatever level you happen to play in.

Welcome back to the World where players are as responsible for generating content as designers.


If you’re able to look at this game not simply as a rigid framework that must be done a certain way, we’re already moving past those who stare at this game and only see what they want. It’s no longer questing ‘on rails’ or strict path of attunement to get to your destination. You have the true choice to pick and choose your destiny: whether like my mate @IrishBites up top you do it with a 60 Twink or like me you choose the path that’s more commonly trodden, you are still listening to the sound of your own drum. I might have got the arse-ache on Saturday, when finally completing my Class Hall Quest, that I am only given the title ‘Houndmaster.’ I’d not wear that title if it were the last one on Azeroth. I’m a HOUNDMISTRESS, I don’t care about strict accuracy or precedent. As a result, screw that for a game of soldiers, you can take your patriarchal titles and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

More importantly however I don’t give two fucks about artefact looks. You stick all those hidden skins across the Broken Isles and beyond, give me a ‘solo challenge’ look and I’ll just laugh, because once I’m done I’ll still mog the stupid bloody thing off. This is me, making my own content as I have since the game gave me the chance to specify my own outfit. The rest of you people can happily flaunt whatever the fuck you like as ‘best’ but I know what I like, and that’s how this game continues to work best. All the diversions and things to do and different places to do it simply act as SUGGESTIONS. You can do whatever you want, when you want, and the only person who tells you it’s right is… well, you. That’s why Micro Holidays are a brilliant suggestion as is bringing back the Brawler’s Guild and new style Skirmish PvP. What works best with a sub-base in the millions isn’t strict progression, it’s allowing everybody the chance to do everything, whenever they want.

Once it’s 24/7 Partyland all you have to do is sit back and let the fun create itself.


If I had my way I’d run Withered Training every day until I get a 4 figure score and can win every chest. Of course, it won’t be necessary at some point because the rewards will expire, and that’s when the designers need to decide whether the party’s over and they won’t update mechanics, or perhaps we’ll all move on. You’d argue that running all that Legacy content’s pointless, but as long as the designers keep shoving new shit in there? People will want to collect it. Some will want to RP walk their way through every old raid. Others will hold naked parties. Gnomes will run from Place A to Place B as long as there is pink hair and causes to raise funds for. I saw someone complaining that there seems to be a Q&A request for Gnomes to be Druids ever year at Blizzcon and could we stop that now, please? Some people don’t get how this game makes people want things that don’t make sense to others. It has always been this way and long may that continue.

Without it, and the need not to play by the ‘rules’,Warcraft would be a very boring place indeed.

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