I’ve done my utmost in the last few months to remain positive in the face of dwindling personal game time, and changes to the UI that I’m deep down not terribly happy with. I have embraced the simplified version of my Hunter and made the best of the limited palette of skills that are now available. I learnt at the weekend I’ll be getting traps back, which fills me with more joy than I thought would be possible for the bitter, cynical woman I have become. However, regardless of my personal outlook, I understand just how amazing this game remains for those who have both time and inclination to fully immerse themselves. Therefore, when someone suggested that Warcraft might be considered ‘hollow’ at the weekend, I did a bit of a double take.

Then I realised that this point is worth exploring.


My major complaint right now (too much to do, not enough time) is easily remedied: make more time. When you see someone argue that there’s no soul in this game to engage them, that they’ve done all they want from the experience, you realise you actually have a lot in common. The key to understanding how both viewpoints can exist simultaneously is that some people have no issue at all disengaging with the UI once they’ve done all they feel is doable. I tried to work out why that might be for me, and the main conclusion I can draw is that I’m too emotionally invested in what Azeroth’s now about. If you play Legion just as a game then it stops being about how you won’t allow hours, years of time played to be made redundant by rushing through everything in the most efficient manner possible, and then moving on. Boredom never takes place because you’re too lost in the concept to allow that to happen.

I should be ascribing to this outlook more and not allow the weight of expectation to cripple my progress. If I just relaxed and played, then there’d be less to worry about. If the experience feels hollow sometimes to me, that’s not the fault of the game, far from it. That’s my perception of the experience. Lana’s and my ‘worlds’ might seem poles apart but as a typical example of extremes in content consumption, they are very much the norm. The problem that currently exists in this Community and many others is the misguided belief that somehow there is only one way this game gets played, when the absolute polar opposite is true. As we discussed yesterday, there are many different ways to get to the same end result. The problem comes when high profile ‘personalities’ start dictating the rule sets. Then all that’s likely to result is upset and disaffection.

Except sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to have happen. This tweet could not have come at a more apposite time for someone like me who, by choice, decides to stand pretty much alone. Of course you can play this game as part of a collective whole, but that disregards the sum of many, many parts. Some of the most significant players in Azeroth remain mavericks: like my mate @WoWChallenges whose IronMan site stands out as one of the most creative use of existing game mechanics and the Blizzard API you are ever likely to see. This is content created solely by players, for players, and is unlike anything else currently in game. When you see the amount of stuff that can be done without the need to rely on ‘formal’ organisation, it may baffle some people that others won’t stay. What you need to grasp is for some people, this game is only about what they need from it, and never what is offered.

Once that intractable is grasped, everybody is an awful lot happier overall.


When you’re prepared to accept that every opinion’s valid, a lot of hassle and anger disappears. It also becomes apparent that you should allow others to be what they want, without starting a fight. Therefore, I’d urge you to go and read Lana’s post. On considered reflection I don’t think this game is hollow, and I doubt it will ever really be so, but if you are not prepared to embrace the soul of Azeroth (for whatever reason) it is easy to grasp what that word has more relevance than perhaps some might at first believe. If you don’t put your heart and soul into any virtual (or indeed real life) experience, if you choose to be devoted to another, or them all or perhaps none of these virtual locations with any depth, it doesn’t make you either right or wrong.

It just makes you different.

2 thoughts on “Every Kind of People

  1. She decided 6 weeks ago to take a break because she’d done HC raiding and was bored!!! And levelled 3 alts.

    I appreciate people have different ways of playing the game, but she can’t have slept since the games was launched. My team are still not really ready to tackle EN in normal full on – let alone Mythic + and Kara. So I’ve little time for people rushing through the content and then telling me the game is hollow. If that how she needs to play then good for her – now go play something else.

    It doesn’t matter how much content gets put into a game, if you go through it as fast as you can when you get to the other side you are going to feel like there is something missing. It’s how junkies feel when the drug supply stops.

    What seems to be the issue is that your can’t crush the game like before – grind 24/7 and you would get the good stuff fairly quickly. But the power players don’t like gates or anything that slows them down so normal/lesser players can catch up.

    Would this player be happy if RNG was not there (and its been with us since vanilla – gear always has a drop rates, my abilities proc within parameters but are not guaranteed), she’d have grinded her way to having gotten everything and will still be bored.

    Or is it that there is resentment that someone who has little time to spend in the game just might get something she doesn’t have. It feels like an elitist whine to me.


  2. First things first :D I asked the question, Is the game hollow, not that it is, esp not hollow for everyone. That it might feel hollow to me at some points, because I feel like I can see the path ahead, and it feels exactly the same thing I have done before, but just in a more shinier package.

    I think the thing that you touched upon,feeling invested into the game, is very important, I don’t feel immersed in the game anymore, and that is the issue for me. There is a lot to do in the game for sure, and there are a lot of things I have not done. But when I have trouble to connect and feel apart of the universe, the issues start coming and you start looking.

    @clawsrus I think you should google and figure out what exactly Elitist means.
    An elitist whine, no, no it is not. I did not clear normal, nor heroic, my guild did. I did a few raids, tried a few bosses in each of the difficulties, to see how it was like, and I didn’t really get those feelings I used to do. And that is just how it is, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the game, it just means I am not connecting with it at this moment. But that does not mean others will have issues. I have no where said I am better then anyone, nor that my opinion is more valid then others. I am just saying the game isn’t offering what I seek in a game and that I am a tad bored of it.

    Sure I managed to do a lot in a short amount of time, I did it with my guild, and if you do things with your team mates, things goes a lot faster. I leveled my first character with a friend who already had a max level, so he took what he found was the fastest route, I followed and we leveled quite fast, because things dropped dead at an incredible rate being two people.

    We started doing mythic dungeons at 820 ilvl, which I got pretty fast because I was lucky with my drops. WQs and crafts.

    I got far from everything, nor did I have the wishes for it, I didn’t do absolutely everything, cause I don’t feel interested anymore. I don’t care about loot, I cared about dungeons and raids, bosses and mobs, because I like to hit things in the face. Only way to do that is to get some items on ur skinny bones. If I could clear dungeons in a bathrobe, I would have no issue with that.

    We all have our different playstyles, and thank god for that. I am incredibly happy that people still enjoy this game. It has been my go to game for so many years, and I will probably come running back in a few months.


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