It has come to my attention that, despite it being less than a week since Blizzcon finished, the people running Nostalrius decided not to wait for due process to take it’s course following their discussions with the Company and are going to launch a new legacy server, Elysium. I’ve read the various posts, and those from the group’s supporters, and I have to say that from where I stand it appears that the ‘plan’ going forward has very little to do with anything except fulfilling an agenda that I suspect was on the table since this entire exercise began. Most companies wouldn’t even have entertained talking to anyone formally who were flagrantly using their own code to fund and further other people’s business plans, yet Activision Blizzard did just that. They afforded these people a measure of legitimacy which I feel has now, rather amateurishly, been exploited for their own ends. A name and a website does not grant you either stature or consideration, both facts I can personally attest to.

However, this recent clumsy and disappointing manipulation of events involving the Company from which Nost have ‘borrowed’ makes me confident that the long term desire in all of this was to get what they wanted, regardless of what Warcraft means to millions of players worldwide. Despite packing Legion with a plethora of new and interesting content, we still have a continued dialogue which maintains that the only ‘real’ way to play is the ‘pure’ manner in which Vanilla Warcraft dictates. The fact that existing designers will not support an outdated cause in their eyes should be an indicator that perhaps, the future is not living in the past, yet Elysium will maintain it is somehow Activision Blizzard’s ‘fault’ that nothing will ‘change’ for the better.


At the start of this sorry tale of manipulation and exploitation, I lost a very good friend when I was blunt with my truth over how I felt, and that how losing yourself in the past is both foolish and potentially dangerous. I stand by my position, even with the weight of evidence from both sides of the fence. What is happening here is simply an attempt to make money from an IP that’s not theirs, and continues not to be theirs to use. Along the way their rhetoric and blinkered outlook has insulted and ostracised vast swathes of players, and yet these people still continue to believe that this is somehow a noble, even righteous cause, and it is neither. What is now advocated is that people support is a game which is, in effect, the antithesis of what Warcraft now strives to both create and maintain.

I am one woman, with a blog, but I have a voice and as long as I am capable of making that heard, I will do so. I find these actions childish, depressing and frankly want no part either in this endeavour or anyone involved in pedalling the belief that somehow, Nostalrius own any form of legitimacy with any future endeavour, without Activision Blizzard at least involved. Ironically today, of all days, this is yet another depressing example of all that is just totally wrongheaded in the gaming world, and as a result you can consider this as my final word on anything related to the project.

Honestly, there are better things to do in life than exploit other’s past for your own financial gain.


2 thoughts on “Letter from America

  1. This is a criminal act pure and simple. Blizzard should pursue those responsible, and those taking up ‘the service’ with the same zeal that they tackle the botters and the bot makers – and hire one of those legal firms that send out large claims for fees to people using torrent services to steal IP. With any luck they can give the rest of us subsidy in our subs :)

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