Earlier today, some players received a temp ban for completing a glitchy World Quest over and over which rewarded an Artifact Power item. With the news that more traits are coming in 7.2 and high-end players are grinding towards the 35th Artifact Trait which grants a solid boost to armor, dps, or healing, maximizing Artifact Power gains is a topic on everyone’s minds.


I wrote earlier in the week about what is rapidly becoming the tyranny of AP for high end raiders, and thought that was the end of it, except as see from the above news, it’s not. I’m also not normally found reading news on Wowhead, but today I did, and the comment that ‘maximising AP gains’ is on everyone’s minds makes me realise just how out of touch I must have become with what matters in this game. I don’t give a flying fuck about anything right now but the fact that I have a quest I can’t complete without resorting to a third party guide. This is not a rant at anyone’s site, by the way. This is utter exasperation that a quest I knew I’d not be able to do was exactly that, and if I want to finish it I’ll need several kinds of external aid, and that is totally not the point when you design anything.

As I suspected well before I got there, there will be no Moose mount from Leatherworking.


I’d like to thank those people who have suggested the way forward and offered sympathy for the stupidity involved in following a Moose around Stormheim. I’m reliably informed that even ActiBlizz know they screwed it up, but that is not really relevant or even comfort. Even if I go get Fighter Chow and follow the Internet’s advice, I’m just not doing this, because the only way I will have the best chance of successfully completing what is being asked is by buying a better computer than the one I possess, and that’s not happening any time soon. This is, I realised this morning, the equivalent of the Skyshatter quest in TBC that I could never complete because I didn’t have the specs to allow the game to run correctly.  I’ve still not done that Achievement either, I believe, because in the end it stopped mattering. I already knew what I had in store for me. Even at lowest settings, my ability plus the PC equals a doom I refuse to let myself fret about any longer.

What made me angry last night was a combination of things on reflection. I’ve tried my utter damnedest to not use Wowhead, MMO Champion or any guide site at all this Expansion because by doing so you may as well just let someone else play for you. The PC plays most games okay, and that’s all that matters right now, and unless I can get a book published and become an overnight success? No upgrade any time soon. I am therefore going to have to let all this negative shit go and focus on something else. I know that won’t be obsessing about AP to the point I’d get banned for farming it. There’ll probably be a bit of thrashing about now as I adjust my world view, but it’s okay, nobody died except my avatar, and once I’d done that enough times to know it wasn’t happening, I did walk away.


I’m sure those of you who were getting annoyed with my perpetual cheer over this Expansion can now run off and proclaim me back to my miserable, transitory ways, and you’d be right. This has really hacked me off. However, to prove I’m learning to move through failure? Still don’t hate this Expansion. Still think too many people are taking Warcraft far too seriously for their own good. However, today I’ll just shrug, write this post and then go back to my Novel until Mr Alt gets back, then it’ll be back on the World Quest grinding so I can be Exalted with everyone. Because I’ve had enough of negativity to last me several lifetimes, and the only way now is forward.


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