ActiBlizz don’t do simple announcements anymore, especially for Hunters. After a series of cryptic comments, at least one tweet and an interview for someone or other, it has become apparent that you’ll be able to tame all those flying things above that you couldn’t tame previously in 7.1.5

Now you’d think I’d be happy about this, wouldn’t you?


Look, it’s great that you keep giving me all these new species to tame, ActiBlizz. However, that’s not the issue here. I can’t catch these things even if you give me the opportunity.



You would have thought by now these guys will have worked out that Hunters want to co-ordinate EVERYTHING and simply allowing me the limited number of slots I have is well… restrictive. I know you’ve said you’ll not do this, but honestly if you start making me choose which rare skins I’m going to have to trash?


Please would you consider raising the space that I can keep pets before you introduce anything else tameable.

Thank you in advance.

One thought on “Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)

  1. I don’t even play a hunter (other than very casually) and I know you guys need more stable slots. With more and more types of taxable pets coming out, and all the different skins… what’s the point of all of the differences if you can’t have them all? That’s like not having enough battle pet slots available to collect all of the battle pets in game. It’s a stupid limitation. I really hope they sort this out for you all in 7.1.5.


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