Yesterday, I’m catching up on World questing early with the Husband, and we are having a great time doing the PvP World quests, just mucking about and not really stressing about stuff… and then I kill a mob in Stormheim. As I skin it?


This is a complete surprise. It’s why I don’t ‘do’ the third part sites any more, because sometimes you would just like to work this stuff out on your own. I honestly thought I was done with Skinning, that there was nothing else to be done, so to be sent back to Dalaran? YAY.


I’d not grasped there was an endgame in Suramar for Skinning, either. I have the Fel Hide skill, I’d picked up all I thought there was, but I’d never checked my Skinning ‘window’ because up until Legion, there wasn’t one. I’m now, I’ll admit, a tad nervous, because I know what I had to do to finish Leatherworking and that was dungeons, at least one of which I’ve still not been into more than once. So, off I went to Suramar and, on reflection, I had no reason at all to be concerned.


WOAH. I’m gonna look at that again and shake my head in happy, amazed disbelief. I’m being asked to farm Legacy Content by a Legion quest. I was asking for this for a long, LONG time and here it is, come to pass, and they’re all instances that are pretty trivialised now. Horridon’s the hardest, by a long way, but if this is the means by which you get players to rediscover the Joy of Legacy? So utterly not going to complain one iota, especially when I’m still raking it in from skinning sales several months after launch. It remains the gift that keeps on giving, especially in World Quest areas where there’s beasts to kill. I don’t have time to spend any more just picking up after other people, but on an average night of World Questing there’ll still be a 2-3k bonus as a result, which is useful for those of us who rely on the AH for our 5 man dungeon resources.


And now, the Karazhan News: I am done with the dungeon portion of questing. I believe there is some faffing about that needs to be completed under the Instance (having seen Mr Alt doing this) but this now means I can do the 5 man, and so the Official Warcraft twitter account can stop asking me if I’ve done it yet, because I am at least a step closer. I’m not even sure what iLevel drops there, because that’s the kind of nublet I have become. I’m certainly not looking at a BiS list, but I will be trying to get to Baradin Hold later today and then the Throne of Thunder because PRIORITIES PEOPLE. However, what I’ll do first is go and finish the Trial of the Crusader because I’m an anal cow and can’t abide having an Instance half finished.

Old habits die hard, people.

2 thoughts on “Ask Me Why

  1. Are you being asked to craft old world stuff yet? If so make sure you do it there at the quest guy in Suramar. I think I recall it only counted being made there.

    I noticed two things with the Tailoring.

    People had the items needed in the AH for turn in at insane prices.
    The material old world components were priced insanely high, and people had stacks 1 short of what you needed.
    Because I’m an old world pack rat, that never sold things even when it was advised I should. I had all I needed to make the items.

    Won’t spoil anything for you. But when you have finished the quest line you may be thinking about things.


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