So, I’m in my local mini supermarket yesterday morning, buying milk and honey for my morning tea, and as I stand in the queue waiting to be served my eyes stray to the small pile of DVD’s that sit by the tills, hoping to encourage an impulse buy. There, between titles I’d never consider buying, was a lone copy of the Warcraft movie. I notice that the first piece of news that MMO Champion decide to impart on their webpage today is that the movie’s on sale for $7, which isn’t strictly true according to Amazon but hey, close enough. Of course, most people won’t even bother with a physical copy any more, you can keep your movie ‘in the cloud’ and suddenly not only am I feeling my age, but wondering WTF happened along the way that now this hugely anticipated title is reduced to the joy of the Bargain Bin, and the status of just another failed piece of hype.

Except then I stop and remind myself, and therefore you, that’s as far away from the truth as I could possibly get.


This movie was HUGE in China, absolutely MAHOOSIVE, and has given Hollywood considerable pause for thought. Because of this motion picture you will see more films like ‘Arrival’ with Chinese characters and locations being shoehorned into them by major Hollywood studios, to capitalise on the market now desperate for representation on the big screen. This has opened an immense market for potential exploitation in many areas, and I really expect to see China in movies with far more aggressiveness than it has previously. Also, and this is probably the more important development, the movie allowed Chinese companies an opportunity to involve themselves with Activision Blizzard as an investment, and that means solid interest by groups such as Tencent to help continue the plans for world domination going forward. Undoubtedly that will involve eSports too.

So, I may briefly consider a bargain bin placement as a failure, but that’s because my scope is very limited. Once one opens one’s mind to the bigger picture? Not bad at all.


This is your daily reminder to think outside of your view of Azeroth, and remind yourself that just because your country’s a total disaster area, doesn’t mean the same is true everywhere else. In fact, some people have a brilliant time not stressing and getting grumpy at each other and the choices made, but are simply getting on with the business of how the World gets better. If you used that mentality not just over the pixels, but life in general, who knows what you could achieve? Before I return you to your scheduled obsessing over buying shit cheap that you don’t need, which is where this train of thought started to begin with, one final thought. I’ll watch the Movie when it finally gets to TV but I don’t need to consume any more physical Warcraft stuff than I already do. In fact, what I ought to be doing is working out how more money gets to the people who really need it.

Maybe this year is the one I stop just consuming and start giving something back.

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