Legion’s Honeymoon is officially over.

This happens every Expansion: you’ll have a brief and lovely period where everyone’s too busy to post or complain, and it’s all smiles and fun, and then (undoubtedly) comes a catalyst that sets a ton of people off on a rant. Last night, it was twofold: a bunch of people got banned for exploiting something that (guess what?) was indeed an exploit, and then there was some kind of issue with a hidden artifact appearance… and then, I’ll be honest, I got cross and went to bed. Today’s MMO Games article, when it is published, is my reasonable and non-reactionary response to all those people who are now informing me that the game’s got problems, and I can’t just keep being falsely optimistic about stuff, because that’s counter-productive. I’m not allowed to attack or hold other people’s indignation up for ridicule, because NEWSFLASH we’ve been through this post-Expansion stupidity (counts on fingers) SIX FUCKING TIMES BEFORE.

No. I’m sorry, but the buck really stops here. I’m not doing this any more.


If this was life or death, you’d have reason to get upset. If you think that you’re owed something, then the last thing you ought to be doing is using social media to make noise about it. If you want your shameless, formless posturing to have real significance, I’m not the one you complain to. USE THE RIGHT PLACES TO DO SO. Write a blog post, send a tweet to @WarcraftDevs, post on the appropriate Forum Post. WRITE BLIZZARD AN E-MAIL. Talk to Customer Service. Make a sensible, well-thought out You Tube video or Facebook Live post. All of these are infinitely more sensible than a series of 140 character rants at a bunch of people who already know how pissed off you are and can’t do anything to help you. This is the moment where, if you really want things to change, you don’t just put your hand up and say ‘+1’ you DO THE WORK.

The same is true for the real life meltdown happening outside your door. I was accused by someone after the US Election of being ‘delusional’ by suggesting anyone can afford change unless they’re orange and worth millions. It is really not true, but if you continue to perpetuate your own hype by believing you’re an oppressed, un-listened to gaming minority? People will stop listening, and not because you’re refusing to be optimistic or positive about the game you’re playing. They’ll stop because you’re not fun to be with, and when you’re trying to keep your head above water and enjoy the few things you have to relax with? Nope, I don’t wanna hang around with people who don’t seem to care that maybe, this is all I have right now, and maybe you could stop pissing on my attempts to enjoy it, such as that is.


It’s like that e-mail this particular company keep sending me because I took their one year’s worth of free stuff and now I don’t want to pay for it: you make the most of the moment, and live through that. No, I don’t care how much you want me back, or how important it will be that I pay my money so that someone else can’t take my name. They can have that online, I have no desire to be influential any more. I’d just like to be happy, and help people who feel the same, and enjoy what remains as the best Expansion this game has ever produced. I do not need merchandise, or indeed kudos. I really don’t give a flying fuck at this point about anything except the opportunity to make things better and to dictate my own path, and I can do both of those really well without anyone else telling me how it’s best performed or why it’s broken.

I’m also getting fed up of waking up in the morning and feeling these posts need to be made, and so this morning I realised that I’m the problem there too. Inevitably I get cross at other people’s stupid and react to that, but if I want to afford long term change? It is time to now stop listening. Unless you can provide me with a well-reasoned, sensible argument for why Activision Blizzard have fucked your class without resorting to name calling, personal abuse at Devs or using the words ‘I no longer enjoy playing X’ I am not interested. I will not be listening to you telling me I can’t have an opinion, or if you think I’m an idiot, because I know I’ve never been allowed the former since I’m a  woman and the latter must be true or else I wouldn’t still be here, banging my head against this fucking wall. You may now insert your passive-aggressive/victim card here.


Stop with the shit, people. Just be better. Honestly, how hard can it be?

8 thoughts on “Did it Again

  1. I tend to agree. And I will admit to being a Debbie Downer more than a few times over the years. The game no longer has that new car smell. You deal with it. You’re still driving a lot of the line sports car. Ok so there are a lot of features you don’t understand, or wonder why they added a mirror on the passenger side. You get your seat set in a position that’s comfortable to you, get your mirrors in place, and you just play the game.

    It’s what I am doing. Yes, I will admit I have a great deal of frustration about the story being locked behind Mythic dungeons, or doing a raid on Normal. It does not prevent me from playing. I have plenty to do, and I am sure, just as I’ve heard there is now going to be an Artifact weapon catch up, pay 500 resources jump to level 15, that if enough people are stuck, or falling behind, they will make some change to push us along. It just takes time.

    As for class being knackered? Yeah to me mine is. If. You do not take the one talent that kills you. A good example? Normally I am rolling along doing single, some times two creatures wandering around the world. I average around 140k. Everyday I can get a buff in the Priest Hall. One of them is a potion that allows no loss of Insanity for 10 minutes. It allows me to have +100% Haste. For a caster? Honking huge with knobs on. I have gone into Suramar and pulled packs. Because my off healing now is at s level it works. I am crushing things at 260-280k. I have tentacles waving around, and the game actually gets very dark. And then it’s gone. Everything is back to bright sunshine, and it feels once again like playing in slow motion. The top priest talent, the one that all the top play, Surrender to Madness is like that. For about 3 minutes, if your good and don’t slip up once, you harness the power of the Old Gods. Then you die. There are add on timers now that let you know about how much time is left, so you can hit this talent for the final 30%. And I see people hitting those huge numbers, topping damage charts. And I won’t use it. It has a 10 minute CD. If you die to stupid before you have a chance to use it, it’s wasted. But mostly, it is accelerating the level you play at to ultra high for a brief period. And you cannot make a mistake. So yes. It’s broken if the choice between two is well over 100k. But I don’t mind. I know they are looking at it for 7.2. I know they see the problem. And for what I am doing wandering around the world? I’m fine. Except for some areas where it is not safe to be alone. And that is a major design point for Legion many have a problem with. You can’t always go it alone.


    • It just occurred to me the problem I have with that talent. It’s like two ways to play the game. The one where you work through mechanics and get the boss down. And the Zerg rush mentality, ignore everything and burn him down.


    • Hey Marathal – just to clarify something that was a pretty common misconception. Nothing in the Suramar storyline is gated behind either mythic dungeons or completing Xavius on Normal (other than the mythic dungeon quests themselves). You do have to kill Xavius in LFR (which is brief and easy enough), but not doing those two mythic dungeon quests doesn’t keep you from getting Good Suramaritan or moving on to the 9 week extended story.

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      • I think you have a very good point there sir. The communication has been lacking in some respects. A lot of grumbling I have seen in guild chat where people complete one quest in a Heroic dungeon, only to get another right after to do it again on Mythic.

        My biggest stumbling blocks have been the two solo scenarios, and the Suramar one that required a group to kill 4 of those big guys. It was definitely a throw back to the old BC days needing help.


      • Question then. Is the Illidan storyline gated behind dungeons? I think right now I have to collect 80 things that drop from the last boss of dungeons.


  2. I (by accident, and regretfully) read a post where people were freaking out about something totally optional but to them it felt like an absolute necessity. The anger in that post made me laugh. Out loud, really. Directly at them. People need to quit this game if they get that angry about it. Either quit, or find peace with it.

    I agree with be productive and the change you want to see, but people don’t want effort. Half the population didn’t vote in the US election but you darn well know those same people that didn’t vote are now freaking out about the outcome. Your chance to have that impact is now over. Live with it. Make peace with it. It’s not going to change.

    I rallied against WoW for many years, over on my own blog. I wanted immersion and community building. I wanted an MMO to hit the potential of what a MMO could be. I was so angry at times. I quit!

    It was good thing I did. Being a bit older, and a lot wiser, I came back in Legion. And I accept the game for what it is. It’s fantastic. I have too much to do. I could play all day and night and not run out of content. I hvae completed 2 Class Hall campaigns. I want do do more, to see more. I haven’t had this much fun in a game since the old discovery days at EQ and DAOC.

    It’s not perfect, but it is what it is. And I accept it for that. Things will change, some things will get better, some worse – and I accept that to. Also – as a player who was petrified to go into a Mythic dungeon, I am not the PUG mythic king. I haven’t had a group fail yet. Communicate be positive, and focus and your group will too.


  3. Some of what you say unfortunately doesn’t work for many people because they perversely enjoy complaining. In fact, if you look around the world, buddying up around negative things is more common than around positive things. Perhaps because if people around you complain you feel like they ruin the fun for you… OR you JOIN them and suddenly the anger becames a dopamine-charger, suddenly it all makes sense. There’s a third option, of course: writing posts such as these or trying to shut it all off… but it’s hard, especially in the internet world, where all of the white noise just waits behind a corner to jump right at you when you didn’t ask for it. Definitely harder than forming a community… a crusade of naysayers.

    I agree absolutely that all the thumb-ups and -downs, all the comment sections and shares – they are here to provide us with an illusion that now we, the common folk, hold the power. Everyone’s a designer, everyone’s a reviewer, everyone’s a journalist, an analyst, a specialist, a think-tank, an expert. We took the power from “Them”, the elite, the cliques and now we can change the world… except we can’t, we don’t, we aren’t, and all we end up with is a giant anti-social mess, a wall of noise whose only discernible message is a giant resentment against “those that failed us”. And this is the new predicament we’re facing, not just in gaming, but in politics, in science, in medicine, in economics, everywhere. And it’s spiralling out of control.

    And yet I’m here, writing a comment, a part of this social media madness, equally addicted. Hopefully on the brighter side of the Force.


  4. Extremism and fanaticism is every where – its seems to be an inherent part of out nature. Far too many people cannot be happy until they have forced you to accept their views and behave how they want. The internet has allowed all of these people to group together and convince each other they, and only they are right.

    They should brand it anti-social media.

    It is good that the game is trying to force people to play together again. It is hard unless you’re a successful raiding guild to get that working again – but the effort has to be worth it. I spend more time in the game trying to organise people and breath life back into my guild than I do actually playing some days – and there are times when I just want to walk away from people not investing the same amount of effort. But that is not going to work either – so i continue to chip away at the fear of grouping up.


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