Sorry I wasn’t about yesterday, but I had a novel to get halfway through finishing. Now that’s done? I can get on with the important stuff.

Today’s LOLWTF Blizzard moment is bought to you by the words Artifact and Power and the number 110:

Seriously, designer types, you have got to be kidding me.


As I back up the bus, let’s just make a few things clear:

Sometimes, I think that maybe all my staunch defence of these design guys overlooks a single minded obsession with one thing: they can’t see outside the Irvine campus. Has feedback become so noisy and apparently unfocused that it is simply not taken? Are these guys now so divorced from the reality of the game as it is now played they really don’t understand just how stupidly fanatical every single person has the potential to be if they feel there’s money to be made, a video to be shot or a point to be proved?


Maybe at some point, before we make it to Argus, maybe the design team involved in progression raiding might also try and grasp that however complicated you make anything, somebody in this game will not only find a back door to exploit it, once they do they’ll keep that to themselves in an attempt to gain an advantage.

If we could attempt to minimise or even remove both of these things not just in raiding but everywhere before the next Expansion? That would be great.

PS: Ban people for life for cheating, not just a day. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Planet Claire

  1. Game has a 12 year history of players not playing the game as designed. Even when people just want to play Legacy content.

    Simple solution. Daily or Weekly cap on AP gains. Won’t matter how many tokens you grind and farm up, once you are at cap that’s it. Or do we need to revisit why there were only 20 dailies available a day again.


  2. When you reach the point of the best teams being sponsored to play the game full time this should be expected. However, design around these people too much and those of us that get on line at 10pm for 2 hours (and struggle to stay awake – I fall asleep when on taxis so I now ground mount everywhere), and you risk locking your casual base out.

    Can the competitive raiders be kept in a different version of the game in the same way competitive PVP is?

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    • Interesting thought. I mean Alt already touched on the perceived need to exclude anyone that was not at max Artifact research and level, I personally stay away from pursuing the AP race. The numbers initially did not seem all to bad, but now? It is so far out of reach I doubt I will ever catch up. And hearing in 7.2 it may climb higher? And yet I do not have an issue with them saying to those further behind, here, you can get to 15 instantly. I know I am an outlier. Always have been always will be. It would be interesting to see if they could walk off those at the level we cannot comprehend. No amount of playing or money thrown at hardware can raise me to that level. I’m happy I have enough to do as is. I am not bored for lack of things. But I am a bit flustered with all there is to do. But that’s on me.


      • I’m exactly the same – the only thing I’d like to change about this expansion is all the people telling me I should be unhappy with it. I’m having a brilliant time. Could do with some people to raid with, but that’s been a problem since Firelands.

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