What we genuinely did not anticipate was just how much some of the very most dedicated players would play, mainly in pursuit of Artifact Power. By mid-November, we started to hear questions about whether there was some sort of 4-legendary limit, and we realized that there existed a group of players that had done so much content that they actually had an expected legendary count of around 4 … So we removed that soft cap just over a week ago.


After disbelief from yesterday, I went away last night and read Ion Hazzicostas’ ‘Legendary’ Forum Post with a mounting sense of amazement, that a man who used to play this game pretty seriously indeed never though people would grind up to a 4 legendary limit before ActiBlizz even announced it. What this post also reveals, if you weren’t aware of it already, is that there is a distinct and quite active relationship that exists between designers and high end raiders. That relationship also is alive and well in the niche areas developed and expanded by the Dev team, but for the rest of us? Well, we get to sit here and boggle at what passes for communication, pretty much most of the time. For the casual player however, knowing that two things now exist that didn’t at launch is going to make me think I might take off the ‘Legendary’ mute on Tweetdeck. Yes, there is bad luck protection in place so if you don’t have a Legendary now, you should get increasingly likely to get one.

Also, everybody should be running Mythic Plus.


I’ve never done an M+ Dungeon, but I think I can make a decent guess that by far the best way to earn the most AP the fastest is by doing these, followed by Mythics. World Questing may seem great to the nubs like me, but if I was top 25 I’d have been living in dungeons since October. So, if these people are now wielding 4 Legendaries, this tells me I don’t need to grind that last Order Hall ability and save a metric butttonne of resources. It also means that all you people moaning you got the shit one? Yeah, that dropped FIRST ^^


It also makes me sit here and realise just how many different worlds have now been created in the same set of pixels. WatcherDev said it himself: most of the people who could benefit from this soft cap being removed won’t have noticed because they’re too busy trying to get 3/3 Mythic ToV instead, and that slavery to strict progression is enough to make me laugh into my giant breakfast crumpets. The more I think about it, the less that kind of ‘commitment’ to a set of pixels becomes more and more impossible to grasp. I will reiterate however that I get just how important it is to those people doing it, especially if it gives them the opportunity to be first. However, I think this is probably the first time that developer ignorance + player obsession has ever = LOLWTF in such a fashion.

I can guarantee however it will not be the last.


Players won’t stop doing this, ActiBlizz. However ridiculous you think your grind is, that you’d never complete it in your right mind, that does not matter. This is a game that has existed for over a decade on the notion of being first. The AQ gates event made everything a fucking contest, and if there is money to be made being at the sharp end, that is where people will go. If you want to restrict power in this game? Gonna need to find a grind-proof fashion. Yeah, you’ll have to go back to gating EVERYBODY using just time, and as the memory of the Golden Lotus is still quite fresh in the memory? Good luck with that. I think however we can now all agree that AP is a great idea, but in the next expansion you’ll need to find a more sensible way to award it.

I’m sure there’s already many suggestions how to do just that.

One thought on “Calling all the Heroes

  1. I’m no Hero. I’m certainly not Legen….wait for it…..

    Still waiting. I am seeing people link them all the time in guild, even from just killing random creatures in the world. I still don’t have one. But I’m no hero.

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