I may have been sick all weekend, but finally I have finished a journey.

I’ve also learnt a lot about how this game has changed in the time it as taken me to get Exalted with the Highmountain Tribe. I’ve grasped that some people remain just the same as they have always been, and that seems to be enough for them… but I’m not one of them. I don’t want to be the player I was back in Vanilla or any of the other Expansions, if truth be told. I’ve passed through the point where it matters more than anything else to say you did something when it was current. I am here now, pure and simply, just for the journey, and that suits the Zen in Pherian just fine, because the writing was on the wall back in Pandaria for us both, if truth be told. The rest of you can go enjoy yourselves, if you need a hand and I’m about, I’ll be happy to help you, but I’ve finished chasing an ideal that frankly matters less and less with each passing announcement.

I think I might finally be at peace with my place in Azeroth.


The Exalted totem is truly beautiful, and it shows these people that I worked until the end for them, and I won’t instantly forget that this is done. Of all the places I’ve ever explored in a Warcraft expansion, this has been the one that has spoken to me the deepest, and when the game finally ends, this is where I will finally log off for the last time. As a testament to the Leatherworking quests that made me cry, the story line which, of all that I’ve encountered probably has the most resonance with me and because it’s just ridiculously beautiful, this will be my new home. Once all of these factions are exalted, of course, I’ll have time to do other things, like mount farm and fish. Part of me is quite happy just to do that now and nothing else, because what this Expansion’s done, more or less, is completely cure me of either the need or desire to play an alt.

Congratulations, Blizzard, it only took you a decade.


That might change later, but for now I’ll just continue my journeys, such as they are. I think my major long-term game plan right now will be just to clear out my quest log before Christmas, and anything else will be a bonus. Honestly however the joy at my final totem is better than the feeling I got when we have a Server 8th (or whatever the hell it was) back in Cataclysm. I no longer need other people to dictate my happiness, just my husband to play with and a few clear goals in mine.

I think that makes me happier than I have been in a long time.

4 thoughts on “End Theme

  1. I didn’t realise that’s what the totem was. I got exalted with Highmountain a couple of days ago and ignored that time – going to have to go back and buy it now.

    I’m with you on how to play – I’m very happy when I am pottering around on my own. I’m very unhappy when I try to arrange group stuff for my guild – too many people see group activity as something other people should organise for them. Passengers are much heavier to carry than that totem.

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  2. I have a list of “Things I will do before quitting WoW” on Google Docs.

    Well, I have a list of “Things I will do before ‘quitting’ WoW”, because there’s also a list of things I’ll do after ‘quitting’ – the weekly social raid, the fortnightly archaeology quests, checking if any of the fishing quests I haven’t done are up, or any pet battles I need for Family Familiar. But (the idea is) short bursts of stuff if I have the time, rather than what I do with most evenings.

    And sometimes just “Eff everything, I’m spending today beating up old raids, let’s see if Arthas has a mount//mog/pet/roll of music in his pockets if I turn him upside down and shake”

    I’m glad you’re at peace!

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  3. Congrats on Highmountain Exalted. I am getting there in my own way. I have been thinking about some stuff this morning, and Highmountain seems to be the one zone that kind of makes sense as it is. All the rest? I have lost track of how many plots and story lines I have misplaced. Looking back, I should have just quested, explored, and maxed out rep in each zone closing out every story. Because now I am lost.


  4. I’ve had plenty of triumphant moments in raids and downing bosses, but the moments that I remember the most, the ones that are most quintessential to my experience in WoW are the ones with my hunter and his beetle on the top of some lonely snow peak all by themselves at 3:30 in the morning pursuing (and achieving) some goal that was important at the time. Or with my noble and goofy forsaken priest, all alone at the bottom of some ravine, or in the depths of some ocean – her shield bubble of light shining in the darkness.


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