There is a PHENOMENAL amount of shizzle for me to do in game right now, and I really haven’t had a real chance to get organised and do some planning. However, now I have the quests for Karazhan sorted (and at least some of my Quest Log cleared) I can start attacking the things I wanted to do back in October. In no particular order, that includes:

Fishing quests (both for the Artefact and the Fountain coins)
Grinding Drowned Mana for the Mount
Doing the same when the Darkmoon Faire turns up at the weekend
Last five points in First Aid
Attempt to clear some of the dungeon 5 man quests I have
Grind via World Quest gubbins all my remaining reps to Exalted
Three more toys for 300 and ANOTHER MOUNT

Once I’ve sorted all that? Come see me again.


It’s pretty quiet in terms of game news too right now (new PTR Build coming up) so really, this just ought to be the moment where I buckle down and GET SHIT DONE.

Let’s go.

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