Today at teatime for me (and breakfast for the West Coast US dudes) That Hazzikostas Bloke will be doing a Q&A for 7.1.5. Normally I’d be busy and have to do the recap for these events but on this occasion I fully intend to make time to be listening, because I’m rather hoping that it can be explained to me why suddenly this Patch has become so much of a big deal. It appears there’s a lot more faffing with stats than was first apparent, for starters, that certain items are being retooled, and that generally there’s a lot of maths happening that will make my head hurt and having Unkie Ion explain it will undoubtedly make the entire process less stressful.

As I can’t get them to make that part of the game any simpler, what’s a Dwarf to do?


As I have said on many occasions before, I don’t need less buttons to press, I’m not worried my rotation is too complicated. All this fucking about with stats however really does my head in, that I STILL need a website to tell me what’s the most important stat to be collecting, that the game won’t do that and I have to wander off and ask a third party (see yesterday’s blog.) The fact that we’re doing this less than three months after an Expansion also says to me that maybe they didn’t do quite enough work before Legion went live, or perhaps more importantly that was the point all along. Is this now the future, where we’re in a constant state of mathematical flux and stuff is balanced in increasingly smaller weights? If so, I really am going to need a better set of instructions than currently available.

If we could start with some basics, that would be great.


If I log onto the most popular third party ‘helper’ for basic gear improvement, that’s the top line I need to know as Beast Mastery. That is on a Post It Note on my screen, too:


That’s the benchmark, where all gear I win is tallied against not a best in slot list, but a basic test of what stats I have, and then what is the right order to prioritise these in. After that, I don’t have a clue, and because many trinkets have procs that do things I’d only be able to test as being worthwhile via simcraft? Really, why does it matter? As it transpires, I have now felt comfortable enough to start trying to buy gems and enchants as gear appears to have settled at a decent level. When I ask that third party site what I should be using, this at least tallies up with the basics I now grasp:


That’s all good: AGI where I can, Mastery in other places and my neck enchant appears to be a 45k burst, which presumably has a chance to crit for more. However, without AN ENCYCLOPAEDIC KNOWLEDGE of every enchant and gem going, there’s no way you’ll ever work this out on your own, because this is the bit of the game that needs improving. Forget taking away spells and abilities and simplifying my rotations, this is the bit of game play where I’m often so confused it’s just easier to use someone else’s website and have done with it. That has become as much a part and parcel of playing this game as having a Guide by your side, and although I have no problem with these sites existing, if this side of things wasn’t about 32 random gear suffixes, everybody’s life would be come a great deal simpler.

Of course, to make that happen in the current climate is probably close to impossible, because so much of what constitutes ‘balance’ at this stage of proceedings is wrapped around just this, using complex mathematics to create an illusion of simplicity. I think that if the game gave me the visual equivalent of that Post It note somewhere on my screen every time I changed spec to remind me of the differences I’d have to consider, that might be a start. I haven’t even thought about a second spec for Hunting, mainly because the process of gaining AP to equip it is just so mind-numbingly awful. Once that changes however I’ll need a second Post It on the other side of the screen to keep track of those changes, and presumably a completely new set of enchants and gems for my gear and really, we’ve not moved any further forward AT ALL in terms of making this game easier to pick up from scratch.


Let’s just say for the sake of argument that it isn’t dungeon difficulty that keeps people away from organised play. What if, in some cases, it is people simply not grasping what they need to do to create more power for themselves via their own equipped items? It is obvious these items exist to use, but unless you know the right third party places to go, you’ll be extremely unlikely to happen upon the perfect combination alone, and if all you have is a couple of hours a night to play? What would you rather be doing with your time? I just feel that every time we go into long and complicated discussions about how spell A isn’t working with Ability B and maybe if we added new Proc C that would help, there’s a basic, vital point being missed. Maybe it needs to be LESS about this, and MORE moving the focus towards teaching people what matters at the start, not what you end up with when the calculations are concluded.

Simpler doesn’t mean less buttons, at least for me, it should be more clarity as to what really matters when you log into the game.

3 thoughts on “My Life

  1. At the risk of repeating myself, I’m not really sure you need the perfect combination unless you’re pushing Mythic content.

    The goal, according to what I remember from dev blogs, is that there isn’t an answer – all the stats work more or less the same for your DPS and you can adjust that depending on whether you would like the play to be burstier / sturdier / quicker / more ‘like’ your class.

    There’s a blog from someone (I want to say Ask Mr Robot?) saying that the main thing that will improve your game is being able to play it more in the way to want – the point was more related to the fact that you shouldn’t switch to an alt if you prefer playing your main, but I do think it’s applicable here.


  2. I got the impression that the adjustments were to make everything easier so prioritisation can be approximated as Primary > Secondary your spec gets a bonus in > All other secondarys > Tertiary, the problem being that the variance in secondary attributes at launch was too high.


  3. Its so confusing.

    I got the addon PAWN by recommendation of a guildmate. That gives you a % increase when you get gear. EXCEPT no one told me that under no circumstances, should I use the base settings for my class for PAWN. When I changed to a string I found in a third party website all of my gear in bag swapped around in importance. Some of my feral gear was better for my healing which was now better for tanking…

    Makes no sense at all. NONE of it gives me any noticeable change in the day to day content either (as one poster suggests above) .

    ilvl should be the metric, nothing else, or find another, better, simpler way.


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