Hello and Welcome to the new game show that’s sweeping the World of Gaming: ‘Why Are Players Asking for This?’ This week, we’ll be looking at the reason why players are keen for catch up mechanics for Reputation, because it’s really hard to get this on alts. Our Celebrity CM today is Lore, and his response is pretty much what you’d expect with a question such as this:


Now, here we see a sensible and measured response to the issue: what do you people really need access to? It isn’t dungeons or the End Game ‘rewards’ because you obtain those on your main, there’s no other reason to require them… right? What’s the problem here after that? That can be summed, rather usefully, in simply one post:


I’m betting a lot of these people were the same ones in testing calling for Blood of Sargeras to be made BoA. This continues the clamour of a subset of players, carrying vast fortunes permed from multiple Garrisons, creating a means by which they can continue using armies of alts in the most efficient manner possible. I’d bet that (with the exception of those hunting Artefact skins) the absolute main reason most people have jumped on this particular bandwagon is for convenience. After all, this is the Expansion where it was obvious from Day One that you’d have to work for your Professions, and what I’m getting more and more from a certain section of the player base is that if you can’t get it easily, there’s a problem with ActiBlizz’s design mentality.

Welcome to the Age of the Armchair Entitled.


The shoulder enchants are a neat way of giving you an extra reward when you farm multiple mobs, but the drops are hardly stellar, when you compare them to what could be made using a Potion of Luck in Pandaria (which was so good, the ability has now been removed from the game.) Of course you can farm current content if you wish to make money yet inevitably, more and more, better returns will be located in Legacy until they’re found and removed. In fact, you can get into quite a lot of trouble I am told by exploiting just how much cash exists going Old School, because ultimately ActiBlizz  would rather you be levelling 100’s to 110 instead using what they designed for that purpose. I get the comfort factor involved in the Alt game better than most, that there are many good and decent people reading this who just play because it is just that, and enjoy what they have regardless of anybody else’s ideas and assumptions on what’s right or wrong.

These are the players you should be aspiring to, and NOT the ones who feel it’s a travesty they can’t collect everything instantly without a rep grind. Asking for catch up mechanics because you would rather not waste your precious time on doing so is not why designers are here, and certainly expecting them just over 100 days after the Expansion goes live? This is no better than expecting the best gear for minimal effort, or assuming that because you’ve been here since 2005 that this game somehow owes you a debt of service. Yet, this still happens, time and again, and what always amazes me is the level of belief that some players maintain that this is the job of the people making the game, as if they have somehow forgotten just how stupidly obsessed people can be with getting what they want, right now.

Oh yeah, the designers did that with AP grinding, didn’t they?


Of course by holding this particular opinion I’m just as bad as the people complaining they can’t get everything now. I’m not bothered if you decide to tar me with that brush, that’s absolutely fine. I really don’t need to show how good I am either at DPS or gold farming, but if you feel the desire to wave those badges of honour at anyone who’ll listen, go right ahead. I’m not stopping you, and neither can I call the approach ‘wrong’ because as has been previously established, such a thing does not exist in this MMO. There’s just the way you enjoy the most. That’s great as long as you don’t allow your own individual desires to get in the way of the greater good, and there are moments when I know that doesn’t happen. 

ActiBlizz are doing exactly the right thing here. They’re asking the right questions, and that the way forward is by exactly this method. All I hope is if the answers people get aren’t the ones they expect, that we won’t see a backlash of the type that was typified when it was suggested people could stay on the ground in Warlords. That’s the difference that matters more, especially from a distance.

Occasionally you will not get what you ask for and need to learn to accept that with good grace.

5 thoughts on “Lazy

    • I get that this game is a lot more for people beyond just being a game. It is their social connection, their place of control, their means to find some joy in their lives. When I saw that video of the gentleman that plays a Santa Claus. And heard him tell the story about the 5 year old. I was balling my eyes out. And it just struck me that we have nothing to complain about, that comes from a minor inconvenience in a video game. If your biggest issue in life is you don’t have the time to work at things on your army of Alts at max from the Draenor lootacular. Then count yourself pretty god damn lucky.


  1. The only reputation issue I have with alts is Nightfallen questlines are still locked behind rep and whilst I like to compelete all the storylines, I would rather stick a hot smelly poker in my eyeball than do withered training every day on 4 characters (as example only). The other annoying thing is Kirin Tor Emmisary and mission board quests award rep tokens, but as it is not account bound, it’s useless when you are maxed.


  2. It is argued that AP is required for alts to be functional in end-game and therefore the boost is a necessary catch-up mechanism. Profession recipes and gathering buffs do not fall into the same category.


  3. So as an altoholic, here are my thoughts on this and what my approach has been. The shoulder enchants are all available at honored and you’re generally going to be at honored after questing anyway (other than the Nightfallen one, but that’s not super tough to get to honored). For each of the other professions, it works out to exactly two reps that you have have to grind to exalted to get those recipes. That’s basically taking an hour a week to knock out two sets of emissary quests on a couple of alts to get those profession recipes. It’s going to take you 10-12 weeks to get it done that way, but you’ll eventually get all the recipes you need with a minimal investment of time.

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