For the last week or so there’s been a fair bit of soul searching as to whether I’ll make it to Eight Years of Warcraft Blogging in February. It’s not that there’s nothing to write about, I could do this every day until I die. It’s whether anyone actually cares any more, and before you think this is one of those ‘oh I need validation please notice me’ posts, you can stop that right now. I’ve never done any of this to get anybody’s Senpai to notice me. The harsh fact is that unless I’m offering free shit every week, or I’ve got a Patreon that effectively demands me to produce X amount of content in a set time frame or I don’t get paid, the majority of people are not interested. 

I can tell you this as a fact, just looking at my site hits on any given day. You cannot escape the numbers, after all. The future, like it or not, is in podcasting or live streaming stuff, or tying myself into a content delivery system that I would never reasonably be able to justify asking people to pay for. People just don’t read long form content any more and for someone who’s life and soul is words? That can be a bit of a bitter pill to swallow. That means going forward there needs to be some thought applied to how things continue to work.


Because I am in charge, and there’s no staff to pay, because I can afford domain name upkeep and site costs without being homeless? It all becomes a bit moot when you think about asking people for ‘help’ and so that will not be my answer. If I want to make cash, I’m not going to do it here, because I think there’s more than enough people asking for that from this game, and in part a lot of the issues that have grown up around Azeroth are intractably tied to the notion that gaming is a business. In that regard,  there is absolutely no desire to add to a pile of people demanding your time or vying for attention. I’m not about to try and pull together advertising either, because that’s something I just never want to go to. That then strips down my options to a basic yes/no: do I keep writing, or do I decide to call it a day?

With my playtime at the lowest level it has been since I began playing back in 2005, there is a stark choice to grasp. If I stopped writing, I’d probably stop playing too. As yet, that’s not something I really want to entertain, and so that means we continue onwards, but if I’m going to justify the effort expended, it might be time to bite the bullet and accept that if I provided more ‘popular’ content, more people might be interested in turning up. Therefore, starting in January, there’ll be a weekly news post on Monday, which will cover my view on the previous seven days events in an inimitable and slightly jaded fashion. Although I can’t do a weekly giveaway, there will be a more regular focus on handing over to you ActiBlizz themed goodies. I have a budget for this that does not need to be worried about as yet, and as long as that remains, I’ll give shit away for no other reason than it might make some of you spend five minutes reading another blog post.


The fact remains that I’m still doing this for myself in the vain hope that once in a while, I make someone think. In the last six months free thought’s been in short supply all over the place, not just on the Internet, and I have to hope that maybe there’s a possibility going forward that more people might start trying to expand their horizons and not just watching other people playing the game they could be, or reacting to the stuff they don’t want to think about. I suppose, when all is said and done, my desire to keep going regardless is because, deep down, I still haven’t stopped having things to say about Warcraft. It’s a game that continues to stimulate thought, and challenge ideas I have about the World. I don’t want to use it to make money, I never did, and I think that if there’s one thing that I want to maintain it is that belief that the reason you start a fan site is ultimately to make yourself famous. Nothing has ever been further from the truth for me.

I do this for me, and nobody else. However, if I am to survive and continue to justify the money thrown at what staunchly remains my hobby and never a job, it may now be time to try and evolve to improve the landscape for everybody. Please therefore bear with me whilst I attempt to transition to the 21st Century.

Thank you xxx

6 thoughts on “Still Alive

  1. I will say that I always enjoyed Azeroth in 5. It was short, imparted a good amount of info, and I could give a listen in work on break. The longer podcasts I sadly found less time for. There are so many great people talking about interesting subjects. For me, my preference has always been the written word. Sure there are always times someone writes something, and you wonder are they making a joke? But being able to read through 8-10 blogs in a few minutes each, to be able to write a reply, in more than 140 characters, is more fulfilling to me. That and you always have some good gifs. I e found these past few months, you have to write for yourself. If you try to push yourself into writing 100% about a subject, even ask for donations, it becomes a job.

    I, most of the time, agree with your stand on things in the game, and even when I may not, you at least make me think about it. This past year was difficult. And I’m coming around to a balance between gaming and real life interactions. It has been very hard when gaming life strays into real life a bit to far. Taking a major step back has been helpful. Staying away from the fast paced instant short communications of Twitter has also. It is hard trying to just remain friendly with people, when you want to be friends. But in my life, I am stretched so thin that it is not something I can juggle.

    Looking forward to your weekly recap, and normal bloggins.


  2. I think there will continue to be a place for blogs. My day starts with coffee and a read through one or two posts, i couldn’t fit in a podcast in that time and I don’t really want to face a stream at 7 in the morning.
    For me personally, give aways wouldn’t be enough to keep me to a blog, it comes down to if I enjoy the writers style (I dont have to fully agree with their opinins to still enjoy their writing) as to whether I come back.
    I am glad you’re going to keep blogging (and playing) and look forward to your anniversary in a few months.

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  3. I hate watching people play games. I prefer to play them! I am also old (in my early 40s) and enjoying reading blogs might also be an age thing.

    My own blog has been around for 8 years as well, and there were a couple extended breaks in that time frame. I am definitely not crushing any sort of readership or viewership numbers but it is my own little corner of the internet where I am free to share my thoughts and invite the odd visitor or two to share theirs. That is enough for me.

    How long that lasts, I don’t know.

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  4. All I really have to say is (y). Words rule, even if the world doesn’t realise it. Livestreaming is lazy (though once in a while I watch more structured gameplay content like tournaments) and I listen to podcasts sparingly. I’m currently not playing World of Warcraft but still checking Altchat from time to time.

    Thinking of starting my own blog when I wrap up some RL stuff. For myself purely, and perhaps an odd curious visitor from time to time. Content like yours is definitely an inspiration.


  5. I find this one of very few sites worth reading. Everything i used to read is already gone – i check PhatLewts site in case he comes back – but its not looking good. I like to read while on taxis, crafting or posting on the ah. I don’t think my kids have ever read a word on the internet – where as I very rarely watch videos – even when trying to understand tactics or how to do an achievement. Millennials – screwing the internet up for everyone.


  6. This is the trouble with being a writer. There’s always this struggle with the almost uncontrollable need to write, and not knowing/seeing the impact of that writing on anyone else. I find myself often asking as you have here- “what’s the damn point?”

    I’ve always had the problem of over-romanticising the whole writing process. I write when I feel like “inspiration” strikes, and when I do, it feels magical and a little out of my control. It feels like a burden sometimes, but it is what it is. I’ve been writing blogs etc. for decades now – since I was 12 – and I can’t see it stopping. It’s who I am and I’ve come to accept that. But that doesn’t make it easy.

    I often ask myself “why do I write?” and always find myself answering “because I don’t have a choice”. If something exciting happens, I want to share it and write about it. When something bad happens, I write it out to process. When I’m bored, I’ll write. When I’m lost, I’ll write. I am in awe of your ability to write every day.

    The more difficult question is “who am I writing for?”, because the fact of the matter is, I can count the number of people who read my stuff on one hand. The numbers are particularly upsetting when I have put my heart and soul into something I’ve written, only to have no impact. I’m like you – I just want to make people think or feel. For me, I constantly have to remind myself that I just have to write for me, because if the value of my writing is based on the number of people reading it, I’m worthless. And I know that I’m not. But I have to constantly remind myself that my writing is for me, and if someone else reads or connects with what I’ve written, then that’s just a bonus.

    I guess I just wanted to say that I feel you!

    I also wanted to post here to let you know that, even though I may not read every one of your posts, you make me think with every post that I do read. Every one of them. I need to be more proactive about letting you know that, so I will work on that. And whilst it is ultimately up to you whether or not you continue this blog, I personally hope that you do. I selfishly rely on your blog to be a place for thought and a different point of view. I depend on it. It’s selfish, yes, but I’m glad I’ve found your little corner of the internet and that we get to share it with you.



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