Which brings us to the release date for Nighthold itself: We are aiming to unlock Normal and Heroic Nighthold on January 17, 2017. Raid Finder wings and Mythic difficulty will release during the weeks following, which we will share more specific details on at a later time.

Nighthold =/= 7.1.5

Edit: To clarify a bit, and expand on something I should have mentioned originally – with this I meant the PTR is in flux, and there’s a lot of tuning to be done still prior to 7.1.5 and Nighthold’s release – but we also don’t agree that the state of the PTR is bad. We wouldn’t drop a patch with major class changes in the middle of a raid tier, as even we agree that would be silly.


In what comes as a surprise to me, but which isn’t really that amazing when you consider the timetable we’re now running on, there’s now a release date for the Nighthold. What isn’t clear however is when you’ll be seeing 7.1.5, because if it’s not on the table by January 10th, it might not drop until quite some time afterwards, and by that we could be talking March, which could royally feck up the plans for a quick and steady stream of new content. Ironically it won’t end up being raiding that screws over the plan for improving delivery times, but the need to make sure that classes actually play the way the designers are happy with.

There’s still quite obviously a bit of work to be done here.


The biggest unknown quantity in all of this, of course, is just how much in Flux the PTR is, and if the release is delayed until the Nighthold’s been conquered? What that means for other areas of content that will then subsequently be neglected. Bear in mind that Micro Holidays were scheduled to start next year (and have presumably been planned to be ready to go as early as the first week back in January.) If they won’t match up, and it becomes necessary to detach Nighthold from 7.1.5 completely? What could be the knock on effects of this that we’re not seeing?

For now, however, I have to applaud ActiBlizz for putting their money where their mouth is, even if the potential ramifications of such a move could end up being quite explosive.

Suppose I ought to try the Trial of Valor on LFR over Christmas, then.

2 thoughts on “Bring On the Night

  1. It feels like they’re making this small patch a lot bigger than what was intended. To be honest, I was surprised that they said they were making bigger class changes in 7.1.5 instead of in 7.2, simply because, as we’ve seen so often before, class changes are never a small thing.
    I personally expected 7.1.5 to be out already, given the way it was described at Blizzcon. If it’s small patches of content, surely they are faster to get done? I thought that was the point? So I thought it would be here by now, giving people enough time to sort out their class changes before Nighthold hit. I feel like this was probably their plan but it hasn’t worked out that way.

    So either 7.1.5 will be out well after Nighthold, or the class changes will be detached from that mini patch and added later. Or they’ll push through (who needs Christmas holidays anyway?!!) and release everything on January 10th or 17th (10th being the more ideal of the 2 options there).

    I know a fair few people in my raid team who are desperately waiting for their class’s changes. If they don’t come out before Nighthold drops, they’re going to be incredibly disappointed.

    And to be honest, aren’t the class changes mostly for raiding anyway? Why release a new raid without the changes? I feel like they have to get it done before Nighthold goes live, but I think that’s going to be a big ask. Which brings me to the question “why would they announce a new raid’s launch date before changes that impact raiding aren’t live yet”?

    As always, we can only wait and see. But I’m a bit wtf.

    I hope you enjoy Trials! I quite like it – even the complete chaos of Helya :)


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