Winter Veil is here. Lots of shizzle has changed. I’ll be playing a bit more this week starting on Wednesday, but until then it will remain a mystery/surprise as it appears there’s a lot of funky stuff that’s new. I’ll also be back to Garrisons because GRUMPUS MOUNT and the rep tokens so I can get Exalted with the last Legion faction. However, that’s not why I’m looking forward to Wednesday.


Without a lot of fuss last week, and with a PuG Elemental Shaman (who in fairness spent most of their time dead) I beat a Mythic Plus timer. As was mentioned yesterday this is not the first step towards M+ Mastery, far from it. However what it does mean is that there’s now a better than average chance I’ll be persuaded to make up the numbers if anyone else wants an M+ run somewhere, especially if the loot’s worth the minimum amount of effort. Yes, I did just type that: it’s not what I’m here for, and I make no bones about my lack of enthusiasm. However, if I can pick up some useful shit over Winter Veil, so much the better. The ‘do 4 Mythics’ quest got finished last night, and the 865 reward that granted is more than acceptable under the circumstances. Fuck, even a World Quest handed me a trinket upgrade last night. It really must be Christmas ^^


I will admit, I’m looking forward to going back to my Garrison, mostly because I get to decorate it, and it’s not full of other Hunters. I’ll write about this more tomorrow, but for now I’d like to think the perfect world is a bit of both of these ‘features’ when we finally get to Argus. Personally I find it quite intimidating with all the people showing off their pet choices in Highmountain, but I suspect I am squarely in the minority. I’d still like to have a place to go like this, but as to what it would mean for me? Still up in the air. For now, I’m happy with a weekly knock inside a Dungeon, the odd upgrade via questing, and attempting to fish up enough Drowned Mana for my mount.

That’s plenty to keep me going all the way through Christmas.

One thought on “Just Like Christmas

  1. I did two +2 over the weekend. Darkheart Thicket we had done on regular Mythic, which does feel odd saying, so running it on +2 was not much more difficult and knowing where we had to go, what to avoid etc. I believe we had near 14 minutes left of the timer. The other run we did on +2 was Court of Stars. We had one point where everyone died but the run back was very close, and a second time on a bad trash pull where the healer ended up in some graveyard well off the path we had taken so lost a few minutes as we all tried to figure out how to get them back to where we were. In the end we missed the time by 13 seconds.

    You would think that doing as well as I did, that I would be itching to get into more +2, or higher. and that’s a big ole nope. I am not a fan of the format. The carrot on the stick may work for many, but I look at it as how fast can you ignore content and mechanics and burn down as much as possible. There are a lot of things in there that can help you also, if you know to look for them, one pull had a potion involved that if you had an Alchemist they could poison the potion and when the guy drinks at 25%, it kills him. There are a lot of subtle things. Personally I would rather spend an hour clearing a dungeon properly and give myself the chance to better learn my spells and interrupts, rather than, take the choices that burst the most.


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