I may have logged in earlier than normal today to see what I got for beating a Mythic timer.

As you can see, it was at least an upgrade. It’s okay, I wasn’t expecting anything big or clever, because that’s what happens the moment you start playing the gear game. The best stuff always procs when you’re doing the job for something else, and right now I’m here for Xmas Shizzle, questing and to get my final two ranks on the weapon. After that, everything is gravy.

I am however, a bit disappointed at ActiBlizz for not thinking and chucking bling at a Festival.


So you make a lovely tableau for the festive season, and then fail to grasp that NPC’s in older content don’t have the same collision technology you built in all the new models/zones, and the Ironforge baker lass just bimbles her way through the whole thing and completely ruins the effect. This is the kind of stuff that REALLY bothers me, and so I’d ask someone to spend five minutes to maybe put that on the To Do list for the next time you just drop an item into the Game world. If you’re gonna be clever? At least do it properly, ‘kay?

I’ll be back tomorrow with Normal Service as Christmas Holidays begin and suddenly for the first time since the Summer I WILL ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO PLAY.

3 thoughts on “Perfect World

  1. yeah, I saw that the other day in New Dalaran, NPC’s just walking through the Snowglobe like nothing was there. It’s a nice feature to plop down all over, but yeah :(


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