Wednesday night I was asked to go ‘do’ Karazhan, and because I’m a good Guildie I went and bought flasks, and made buff food before we went. That night we cleared to Curator without fuss, and last night we did progression dungeoneering. Once you accept the margins for movement on the the updated fight, that gear is everything and dps output really matters? Lots of stuff becomes surprisingly academic. I’ll also freely admit that being able to 1 shot the boss was extremely satisfying. Medivh was another simple and graspable set of mechanics and I found myself almost being able to forgive the Devs for what has been done here, right until I ended up shrunk and in a part of the game that I suspect is placed as ‘homage’ to the version of Karazhan seen in the Warcraft Movie.

I really wish they’d left this instance well alone.


It made perfect sense, of course, because so many people cite this place as a seminal part of their early Warcraft experiences. Putting a ‘modern’ twist on events is great, and even leaving the original untouched is satisfying, because I don’t lose the source material on which this ‘history’ is based. However, I think I have to admit that I don’t want old shit recycled any more. I need to move on. There comes a point where being shoved back into the same places, time and again, becomes… well, depressing. Maybe it is because I spent an awful lot of time here back in the day, I don’t know. There’s just not the sense of awe in this 5 man that exists in all the other ones that were designed especially for the Expansion. I’m just not sold by the past any more. If I want that, Legacy fills the hole.


Of course, this is all ridiculously subjective as far as reviews go: maybe when I outgear the place later in 2017 my feelings will change, but it’s a fuck of a lot of work for rewards that are only slightly above what are ‘upgrades’ when all is said and done. Of course, this is the game telling me I need to be in Normal Raids and I’m so not going there, and therefore I’m left to happily get dragged along by other people who are clearly enjoying this a lot more than I am… and you know what? That’s absolutely fine. I’ll do this all day and all night now if I can help someone else. For me however, it is roughly akin to the six month period with my daughter where she’d want to watch Alvin and the Chipmonks every day, without fail. It was what she wanted to do and if she was happy, so was I.

Sometimes this game is not about what you need from it. It is the simple pleasure of knowing what you can do will help other people get what they want from an experience, without the requirement to have to take anything from it at all. I was happier yesterday spending 30k on Medallions of the Legion so I can finally get that last Legion rep ground without having to step foot in PvP content on Draenor. That’s my personal take from Thursday, and everything else is pretty much a bonus. After that, you find a level to exist on that suits needs but yet allows you a notion of satisfaction, and that’s where I now am.

This isn’t my instance, it is everybody else’s.

One thought on “Under ground

  1. I think there may be more folks in your corner on this place than you think. I have people in guild that run Mythic+7 to +10, are Heroic raid geared, and they won’t touch the place with a 10 foot pole arm. I managed one night in 4 hours to go from start to the final boss. The rest of the instance seems mild compared to that last fight. And to this day, I still need the final boss for 3 quests, one for my Tailoring bag, the other two for the class hall. I too suspect I will complete it later next year when we just over gear the entire place.


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