This morning, I thought about what happens when I’ve finished all my Artifact Traits.

I’ve only got two left. After that, the only point for me in collecting the other two weapons is 10 Achievement points. I have no desire to go finish two more DPS items. Maybe if I were a healer/dps hybrid there’d be an interest but really, truthfully, this system as a pure dps spec is just an encouragement to get more competitive, and as that is the last thing I want to do right now? It is looking increasingly likely I will have an alt out before Christmas is over. Then I have to ask myself what that would be, and suddenly all the plans I had before August have gone to the wall.

I have no idea who I’d like to play next.


In practical terms it ought to be either Lock or Mage, because that would get me gems/potions/enchants for everybody and with the Professions path that has to be trodden? It probably ought to be a sooner or later thing to at least get started. I’m at least familiar with the Mage rotation and as Warlocks in my preferred spec are apparently a bit busted currently? I think we’ll pull the Mage out first.

Look at me, actually planning to level an alt.


That means this weekend I’ll probably be looking at getting her a new Mog, because YOU KNOW PRIORITIES but before that there’s going to be pulling all the Alts out for Christmas giftage and maybe a bit of Grumpus action in the hope I’ll get some more Medallions. This should also give me some much needed new shizzle to write about because at this time of year, controversy and column inches are hard to find.

With that, I’ll see you in Azeroth.

2 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. As a druid main my subspecs are all new classes of their own. I am solid at tanking and healing, and just today I used. Single quest reward (~150,000 AP) to get a couple traits for my Boomkin Scythe. Of which I have no clue how to play. Yet.

    My Desire for Class Hall questlines and Artifact quests are strong. I’m done Druid and Rogue, and my Paladin is just about to hit 109. So that will be next.

    I’ve started in my “alts as content” stage of the expansion. My Mage is the lowest. I have literally, an alt in every level bracket. I play them until the 200% XP buff is gone from lowest then move up. Doubt I will get all the way through but I’m really enjoying all stages of the game, and with so many options to keep me having fun Blizzard has won me back.

    Good luck with the alts. I also have a stable of tanking characters (Monk is in 40s, DK late 50s still, Warrior in 70s) so if you want some instances instants for levelling joy for fun let me know when you get to one of those ranges.

    Merry Christmas. I enjoy reading your blog, and thank you for all the content to consume :)


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