There has been some appropriate time off this week, for various reasons, but at the back of my husband’s mind was a Karazhan save that started on Wednesday and finally was completed last night. I was told with no hint of sarcasm that the last boss is ‘the most difficult five man fight ever in game’ and I’ll grant you, it wasn’t pleasant. The problem now, of course, is that there’s going to be no incentive to go back there once I outgear the instance, and then it’s just a wait for Legacy if the mount stays in. Overall, I still stick by my initial feelings that really, truthfully, I wish they’d left it well alone and done something with Suramar instead. I did the Arcway finally last night too, and it’s far too fucking dark for a 5 man. Honestly, stick some bloody lights in there. That means I’ve done all the Dungeon Content and I’d far rather run that until I’m bored than ever step into Karazhan again. However, that was not all that has been achieved this week.


OF COURSE that’s not nearly ‘finished’ (last trait should unlock in a few day’s worth of Suramar questing) but it does mean that once they throw in the new trait shizzle, I’ll have some stuff stockpiled. I don’t feel any achievement, however. In fact, this system’s managed to comprehensively scupper that sense of progress too. There’s no happiness either that I’ll be able to level alts faster, this is not a system that feels at all rewarding. It is a ball-breaking, depressingly painful slog that makes me ache for the days of daily questing with the Golden Lotus and wish people weren’t so fucking fickle and moaned about everything being ‘too hard’ because this just makes me want to curl up and vanish. In fact, my only real ray of sunshine this morning is the completion of the one part of game play nobody’s as yet tried to ‘improve’ and that works just fine.


Reputations are tuned absolutely cock on. That it has taken me three months of average input to get this far is exactly as it should be. I feel the rewards are solid, that there’s genuine incentive to do the work, and the rewards give the average player that I am a real sense of achievement, far and away better than all this Trait nonsense or having to grind until my eyes bleed. There’s still not enough incentive to dungeon with the rewards pitched so low, even with the ‘chance’ I’ll get summat higher-levelled, because the chance is so low it negates the current effort. I’m beginning to think a better idea would be to reward a token at the end that you can collect a number of and that swaps for an iLevel increase you define: we could even call them Valor Points.


5 Points for 500 Quests really does seem to me like Blizzard still hates casuals, because you know, why aren’t you people chain running Mythics yet? Maybe in the next Expansion there might yet be a concession to stop trying to make it all about organised content, but I’m not going to hold my breath, because we all know that breaking a winning combination isn’t easily done by this company. It all needs to be about group progression, even if that ends up destroying every competitive urge you have. I’ll grant you last night I was happy to see the last boss in Karazhan dead, but there was no satisfaction or desire to go back. That’s the bigger problem to solve for me, and it’s going to take something pretty fucking spectacular on ActiBlizz’ part to reignite that desire on a limited time budget.


If all else fails however, I could buy my way to a decent and co-ordinated set of gear. That’s definitely a step in the right direction, when all is said and done, and if I wanted to start raiding, I could do a lot worse that just shell out on some tokens and use the gold to show I understand the value of an eight piece set bonus. In that regard, a great deal has changed in this game for the better.

In the meantime, I’ll be firing up the Mage in the next few days.

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