It’s taken nearly three months, but finally I’ve finished all the Legion dungeons on Heroic. That’s a lie, of course, the only reason I got Neltharion’s Lair was that I completed it on Mythic Plus, because once you reach a certain level of gear and are feeling competent enough with another four people? The world is your Keystone. I saw a two chest reward for the first time last night in Darkheart Thicket, but it is still not enough to encourage me to do this competitively. In fact what this did last night was remind me I’m not doing this for either loot or kudos. I’m here to make other people happy.


Specifically, that’s the healer, tank (waves at husband) and other two DPS. I am really not gaining any notion of enjoyment flying on the seat of my pants from countdown to last pull. It’s that same feeling of nausea I get from being in a stressful situation, when all is said and done, that I’m betting everybody else gets a thrill from but at some point I’ve just decided isn’t worth the hassle. It would help if my gear got upgraded on every successful run but as yet, I’ve picked up only one item as an upgrade, and that was because S the Shaman was kind enough to offer it. Ironically my biggest upgrade this week has been from the Highmountain World Boss, and if I can open up that second orange slot, I have something else to replace a ring. Pawn tells me it’s a 66 level upgrade, so it’s probably worth doing the work on.

After that, this is what it is and no more.


Yesterday, I began obtaining an Artifact for a character that’s not a Hunter. My Mage is going to level with my Husband’s second Paladin, and I already have the stuff ready to begin the journey for Enchanting and Tailoring. Mostly now I have Suramar ‘done’ (more on that tomorrow) it makes sense to get a second alt at least capable of levelling Professions, and started on the journey to capability. I still haven’t sorted a suitable mog, but this time I’m going to match myself with the weapon for no other reason than it’s rather pretty, and I have a lot of blue items I could do that with. After that, we’ll see where we go. It’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be thus far, and levelling will be far simpler with a tank to hold the aggro.

Most importantly of all, I will not be logging on to play alone.


This would have been a good item for a BM to equip, it seems to me, but I sold it, because the iLevel is pretty much all that matters right now. I can’t understand what would be the best traits for my weapon, it has gone beyond complicated. I need a fucking maths degree or a spreadsheet to maximise my output, when I was promised that things would be simpler to grasp. Instead of upgrading a slot item where it was clearly definable what was better, I’m stuck with a series of increasing complex maths problems that just make me switch off. In the end, therefore, I do what the game tells me to do and simply fixate on the iLevel. I honestly hoped we’d passed this stage, but apparently not. The rewards for progress right now don’t mesh, across solo and group content, at least in my mind. Maybe someone could look at that going forward.

For now, I’ll be off to banish a Dreadlord.

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