There are those of you who will know I used to do a weekly news broadcast via podcasting, which was apparently quite popular in certain quarters. I’m not using audio this time, we’re returning to good old fashioned words and pictures every Monday from now on. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

January in Warcraft :: Scheduled Festivals


As this is the start of a new month, Blizzard has their own preview of what you can expect in game. This includes a reminder to pick up Mischief from the Battle.net Shop although as of yesterday the purchase price no longer counts towards the Make a Wish foundation. We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind that The Nighthold is scheduled to open on January 17th.

Blizzard Celebrates 20 Years of Diablo

Wowhead are reporting a special event to co-incide with the 20th Anniversary of Diablo which will involve the emergence of a number of special mobs across Azeroth which will drop a selection of items that (presumably) will only be available during this brief period. Details are as yet sketchy, but anyone who tested Legion last year will have come across Treasure Demons, which were at least prevalent in the Broken Isles. Whether there will be lower level versions of these mobs is as yet unknown, but as soon as there’s more details available, we’ll be all over them. For now, prepare yourself as the Diablo event begins on January 4th.

Darkmoon Faire in Azeroth This Week


The Faire arrived yesterday and will be departing on the 7th: this remains the simplest means by which you can get a +5 upgrade to all Professions skills. There’s also new items to fish up using Darkmoon Daggermaw, including the rather lovely Darkwater Skate mount (seen here modelled by yours truly) This took me two evenings to complete (500 fish), and is well worth your time.


Scheduled Maintenance for EU Realms


As the graphic states, follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for more details :D

And Finally…

MMO Champion reports that items originally available from the special event in Patch 5.3 and before Legion launched are now available to purchase for gold after Patch 7.1. You’ll want to visit Ravika (on the Echo Isles) and Lenny “Fingers” McCoy (in Stormwind) to check out everything on sale. I for one will be hot-footing it to obtain my Bom’bay’s Color-Seein’ Sauce which was not purchaseable on the Alliance side during the Broken Shore event.

That’s all we have for you this week, back here same time on the 9th for all the News that’s fit to print and more.

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