We’d like to interrupt our scheduled diagnosis of people who disagree with Alt to thank ActiBlizz for the Diablo 20th Anniversary Celebration currently live in the US and EU. However, there seems to be an awful lot of people with no idea this event is even running. I think perhaps the simple and generic article that’s been produced isn’t nearly specific enough for a Warcraft player base that often only pays attention to the stuff in its own back yard.


I’d argue this is pretty subtle advertising (even for Blizz) and we need a bigger graphic to alert players to the existence of Treasure Goblins. Word of mouth did the job in our Guild last night, but I’m betting people will be upset it wasn’t better trailed in-game, which is a shame because the rewards are decent for Toy collectors and the Cow Level itself is pretty fun. Oh, and you’ll need to change the loadup tooltip telling me this doesn’t exist, because that’s just wrong now.


This, for someone like me, is a far more satisfying advertising crossover than any amount of cynical ‘buy this game and get summat for Azeroth’ will ever be. In fact, in a perfect world, a couple of toys and a Feat of Strength beats any number of Vanity pet shoe-ins hands down. This celebration feels well-considered, appropriate and well-placed, and even if my Guitar wasn’t working and simply ported me back to the place I found the Portal, it doesn’t actually matter. Congratulations to whoever thought up this idea, because for the first time since, well, ever the game had done self-referencing without it feeling like an excuse to sell something.

I for one welcome our new Cow King Overlords, at least until they vanish in a week.

PS: I’m running a Diablo giveaway on Twitter. Insert advertising here :D

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