You know, this is a funny old game. Until I I read this Blue post, I wasn’t aware how significant the item above clearly is to Beast Mastery Hunters. Just to check, I went and looked to see the ranking of this item in relation to the other BM Legendaries and guess what? It’s at Number 1:

I made a promise a while back that I wouldn’t talk about the Legendaries I’ve won. I’m now going to break that promise for a good reason: you see, I’ve had this belt in my bags for three weeks now. I choose not to wear it, because I own the Shadow Hunter’s Voodoo Mask. In solo play, or indeed in 5 man dungeons, it has far more utility for me than any item that deals with focus. I have managed this week to get enough resources (by selling Blood of Sargeras at the rate of 1 Blood to 200 Resources) to start work on my last Order Hall slot, so I will be able to equip this at just about the same time that, according to lots of people in that Forum thread, it becomes effectively worthless.

I think maybe it is time for another important reality check.


I am perennially staggered at what other people tell me is important: take yesterday, for instance, when lots of people decided to try and make stuff news which, let’s be honest, was only a bunch of idle speculation in one case, and completely not news in the other. This ‘Community’ has a very short memory when it comes to how things work best between developers and themselves, but it is understandable. After all, we had a whole two weeks of holiday where it appears nothing happened. That’s why they call it a ‘holiday’ and expecting people to work when you’re stuffing your face and consuming everything with blithe distaste is really unreasonable. But I digress: there’s already been an admission of both culpability and guilt over Legendaries by a Dev. Grant you, it was a blink and you’d miss it moment in the last Live Chat, but it was heard by these ears and confirmed by third parties.

Epic typos aside, the Company know they dun fucked up good with any items that become necessary for a class to own or else they get benched or they’re not topping the meters. All of this thrashing and moaning of course will simply amplify as it becomes apparent you’ll be able to raise your Legendary item levels to 940 in an upcoming patch, because let’s face it it is easier just to make a problem worse than to take away the problem and make players feel devalued. You and I both know full well what would happen if there was a Blog Post that stated that the universally useful throughput Legendaries were being replaced, halfway through the Expansion. The bed is made, and so we will all lie here and pretend this is fun, but only if the items have dropped for you to begin with.

Nope, not going there again on that topic.


Maybe, those of you who like to belittle everything for the sake of making a point ought to walk a mile in the shoes of us who are just grateful to have a chance at a Legendary. Perhaps it is time for entitlement to become not only unpopular, but unacceptable. I wrote a blog this week for @MMOGames where I pointed out a few home truths over how this game is played, and what continues to be apparent is that some people simply play as a means to make other people feel effectively worthless. When that includes levelling abuse at the people who make it and those whose job it is to try and help communicate issues? There’s a line that’s been crossed that is unacceptable.

6 thoughts on “Orange Crush

  1. I consider my extremely fortunate to not be at the point on any of my characters where I’m forced to choose which two of three or more legendaries I may own to wear. Only have two on one character and one on 4 others.

    And at the point this becomes an issue, I’ll likely pick on the basis of which items seem more useful in my regular world quest / occasional raid and dungeon play style. Call me crazy. Call me maybe.

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  2. I have one. I am happy to have one. Someday I might get two. It won’t make me feel any more special having one that is Best, or one that is not so great. It’s a nice bonus I got one day for killing a guy as part of a quest.


  3. I have 3 on my Druid (2 tanking, 1 Resto) and 1 on my Rogue. Those are the only characters I have running top level content. I do plan on getting 8 for my Druid though, 2 for each spec. I don’t even care which ones, just ones that fit the spec. And I don’t even play Feral or Boomkin (yet) but plan on learning.

    I mean, why climb Everest? “Because its there!”


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