There’s been a lot of flailing but finally, we had confirmation yesterday that 7.1.5 drops next week. That gives players approximately a week to get their heads around numerous class changes, and the rest of us some new stuff as distraction. Personally, I’m looking forward to going back to Silithus after the real joy of ‘playing’ the Diablo content last night. I came to an important conclusion too, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, I wanna share my newest Toy acquisition:


This is a Toy you have to build yourself, so +10 Points for Cleverness before we’ve even started. It requires 10 of the Scrolls of Town Portal that drop from the Treasure Demons around Azeroth’s Legion content (and it is both inside dungeons and in the World, having now had independent verification they exist in the wild) and the flyleaves for the book itself: Blank Diabolic Tome. That’s already smart, in my mind, because you’ve got an iconic Diablo reference right there: you could only get to the Cow Level by using a book like this (oh and Wirt’s Leg, but we know that’s been around for ages) However, the most fun for yours truly last night was the mad scramble in the Sewers to get to the Goblins and then the hope that people grasped the mob’s mechanics. In many cases, they didn’t, and this is proof that sometimes, you need more than just to be left to work things on your own.


These Demons are tricky buggers: they’ll cast their portal without fail at a certain HP, and unless you can stop the four second Portal cast by killing them, they’ll vanish and so will your chances at loot. Last night a Warrior in the Sewers didn’t grasp this and I watched him engage a demon and then complain it vanished after death. I’ve heard a lot of grumbles and complaints about how long this Portal takes to complete because of the PvP element… to which I would say the following:

This was an hour’s work. I had to be alert. Yeah, I died a few times, even with a Bodyguard. Sometimes, mechanics don’t work properly, the game glitches, and it’s not broken or bad and it certainly isn’t Actiblizz’ job to fix it. I just persevered, and I got my toy, and now I’m tempted to grind demons and see how rare the bag drop is, because I’d like one of those just for the name. With this holiday only lasting a short time? I’ll be in the Sewers again later.


There’s only one concern right now, and that’s what this patch will actually contain because as yet? There are no Patch Notes to read. I’m also thinking that they may arrive quite late on Monday, that a lot of stuff is probably being worked on across the weekend. I was quietly confident we’d not get this patch until well after the Nighthold launched, especially with the class balance issues that were obviously apparent in December. However, this train is clearly not for stopping, and that’s no bad thing.

I’m already really looking forward to Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Coming Up

  1. For the your experience may vary.

    I did similar to your initial experience. And I have a few thoughts.

    The goblins HP and when he casts does not seem 100% right. When I did mine there were 40-50 in the sewer. A few times he vanished seconds after engaging. It took several attempts which was fine. Getting to the farm was a bit underwhelming. The Cow King is farmed but groups just hanging out killing him as soon as he spawns. They know he won’t drop any loot. They are just killing him for some unknown reason. I suspect due to an initial comment I believe from WoWhead that you had to kill him for the scrolls.

    About that. What I had read, was you could loot him once a day, to gather your 10. Thursday I tried, and after an hour got in but no loot. I thought perhaps it had an internal 24 hour clock. I’ve seen that with Priest Class Hall buffs. Once a day means once every 24 hours, no more realm reset. So Friday, I helped the Mrs. Again we took near an hour down in the sewers. At first there were mobs of people. Towards the end of the hour, there were 4 of us. And I suspect there is some phasing tech going on. A Goblin spawned, we got him to 30% with 4 people. About 5 minutes later, there were only the 3 of us and we burned him down in about 20 seconds.

    I think they may have internal things in play based on how many people are nearby, how many attempts you may have made. Because if 30+ could not do the job, certainly 3 couldn’t.

    As for looting Goblins? I’ve killed many since the first day, and the only thing by the body is a portal. I cannot loot the corpse. So no idea why I cannot. And I am just passing on collecting the 10.


    • I noticed, as far as looting the goblin goes, that in the sewers I had to change my camera angle to be above the dead body. The portal spawns too close to the body, along with all the people in the sewers, to make it easy to get the “loot” option out of your mouse rather than accidentally hitting the portal.

      This event reminded me of how obnoxious the sewers are. I’d hire a guard, paying my 5G. It didn’t give me a guard. flips table

      Somebody dropped a war turtle crate, and while I was battling them somebody else paid to get rid of the guards so mid pet battle I was slaughtered. banging head on wall

      I did finally get enough sightless eyes to buy the rank 3 belts for leatherworking, so now that is at 780 skill, but I have no more orange patterns, they all went yellow. I now get to internally debate if I make a butttonne of the belts for DE/obliterium or if I just wait for darkmoon faire.

      Depends on how soon I want to make that moose that drove Alt nuts. ;)

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  2. Content is coming so fast… I’ve done LFR Odyn once, Karazahn once.. I feel like I can’t play the content faster than they are releasing it. Amazing, and I wonder how long they can keep this up :)


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