As it is a Sunday, I’m trying to make life easier for myself by specifying the day’s topic in advance, so that brain has some time to grasp the nuances of what I’m going to (try and) discuss. Last night however, Husband casually asked if I’d like to LFR, and we queued as Tank/DPS for all four currently available ‘wings’ including the Trial of Valor, which I’ve not even looked at via a third party site. Once we were done, a bit over two hours later? I knew today’s topic was out of the window.

When the Ruby Sanctum happened in Wrath, I remember lots of people scoffing at the ‘pinned on’ nature of the content, as if it had felt the game needed some high-end distraction from the fact that the next major raid was quite some way off. However, it was bastard hard, which soon put pay to anyone thinking this would be an easy ride. in fact, much like the Obsidian Sanctum, it became a signature part of the entire experience. What struck me immediately when we’d finished the ToV Raid was that this, like Wrath before, had seamlessly inserted organised content into the persistent world. Any complaints from players that this place had no relevance or link to the current ‘plot’ is pretty much impossible to justify, because you’ve been fighting Helya all over the damn shop, from the Maw of Souls to Hellheim, but she just refuses to die like the great End Boss she clearly is. If you are prepared to buy into this fight at anything past LFR level, I’m already impressed with your commitment to the game.

The instance is a fucking slog even at training wheels level and I hated every minute.


The Helya fight in a single .GIF

I’ve not even mentioned the pre-match warmup where people died to Odyn because they’d either a) never done HoV on any difficulty or b) they didn’t have DBM installed. It’s like the Brain in the tree in Un’Goro when you’re doing the Nightmare: it is abundantly obvious who in your Group has never raided this wing before, or done any homework prior to stepping into the Instance. If you stay in the tree and die, you’re a scrub. The problem now in raiding generally, it seems to me, is how long it takes to kill anything thanks to the ridiculous nature of item/health scaling, and it is abundantly obvious why the grown up versions of the HoV fights were nerfed. I have nothing but undying respect for any healer in the shit-storm of waves and mobs and crap on the floor to avoid. That’s not fun, it’s a fucking marathon and the end result for me was three Order Hall chests and the quests that accompanied them, all full of items that were immediately vended. The game is telling me I need to be doing organised raiding and not wasting two hours of my life with people who can’t even connect simple mechanics together to avoid death.

I could do that: the problem for ActiBlizz is that I have no desire to do so.


What I was going to talk about today is intrinsically wrapped up in the lack of either need or incentive to beat organised content in the way it’s supposed to be played. Of course, it’s absolutely not broken, or else I doubt so many other people would be keen to take part. If anybody’s wrong, it is me for now taking my enjoyment from helping people I care about. That’s why I’ll happy offer my Mythic+ stones to use, why I’ll throw myself into the 5 man Karazhan despite I’ve started having nightmares about the place. My Guild’s planning to run PuG raids into EN starting this Saturday, and I’m planning to watch movies. My days of gearing via that form of content are officially done, and there’s a very good reason for that, which probably has a lot to do with why my subconscious is using Deadwind Pass to replay a selection of classic failure dreams over and over again.

Raiding for me was an addiction, and I don’t want to go back.


That means that when it all becomes Legacy content, I can quietly toddle in there and knock off the Achievements, and it’s done. I was far more excited at the fact I finally learned rank 3 of Felhide skinning last night, and might even do a random HoV normal to ‘skin’ Fenrys tonight to work on having at least one profession where I have Rank 3 everything. That’s so totally never going to happen with anything crafting related either, because there’s grinding and destroying my impetus in RL for the sake of completionism, but that’s another post for a different day.

Needless to say, having now seen the Heyla fight, I have no need or desire to go back there, save for that quest I was given to collect Soul Fragments. What was the reward for that again?


Ah yes, the Transmog ^^

Nice try, ActiBlizz, but nope, SO not doing this until Legacy. Wild horses will not drag me through that last fight, however smart and clever I know other people think it is. Incentivisation is great but only works if you desire the rewards enough, and once that hold is broken?

I am done here, and it is time to move on.

2 thoughts on “That Thing You Do

  1. Totally agree with your perspective on this one. Did it once on Joar. Might do it again on my hunter, but absolutely no desire to grind it out on a regular basis. Really well done content and an interesting raid, but I’ve seen it and I’m good.

    Oh, and by the way, you can get the fragments you need for that quest from the Helarjar World Quests as well.


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