Let’s face facts, not many people ever read the Patch notes for an update. We all know this is an intractable truth, simply by the amount of general ignorance in Trade that follows any update to the Client. However for some, the fact that as of teatime yesterday there were still no patch notes for 7.1.5 available for players to peruse had begun to ring alarm bells. Reddit conspiracy posts had begun, rumours were being traded on Social media and when they finally emerged? Well, to misquote Suramar guards, something wasn’t quite right.

We knew this was a ‘light’ patch and that all the interest was in Class changes, with everything else largely of secondary importance, and as people began to read it was apparent that what people had been told on the PTR, what they knew was live and what the Patch Notes were saying were, in some cases, three distinct and separate things. It became obvious very fast indeed that something was wrong, even in my quiet part of the Twittersphere, which led to these two Tweets being the last things I saw before I went to bed:


It’s fair to say that ActiBlizz knows they fucked up good and proper on this one, and for those of you who aren’t rubbing your hands together in glee and celebrating the Company making a hash of it? There was a lot of apology and reassurance that lessons will be learnt:

There were those of us of course who had an inkling that this might happen: not because this is a company that sometimes suffers from internal organisation issues (all big companies do) but the guy who used to do the patch notes left the company last year, and on that note I simply want to leave this Tweet here:

If you take a look at my Patch notes as a BM Hunter from last night against the ‘updated’ version I picked up this morning? It’s hard to really see what all the fuss was about:


Despite naysayers trying to play it down, that’s some fairly stellar damage increases right there, almost 10% across the board. I was happy beyond words at those changes before anybody got wind of the issues: the biggest issues seem to have come from the ‘serious’ Theorycrafting community who were clearly aggrieved that the normal level of accuracy was missing, and that was because the guy who did that before was really good at that job, and now he’s left nobody thought to cover the shortfall. Shit happens, and if I can work that out from 4000+ miles away, you conspiracy theorists can put away the tin foil and give it a rest.

What I learnt yesterday about this Community has nothing to do with how Activision Blizzard handled this, and everything to do with how certain individuals will take any situation and twist it to suit their own particular agenda. Whether it is to highlight their carefully engineered dislike of a CM, or to lambaste a company it feels that isn’t giving particular issues a fair shout, everybody’s got their own take, an angle to hustle. Well, I don’t give a flying fuck about what these people do. The truth is incredibly simple to piece together, and tells a story that has played out again and again in large companies the world over. Only when you step back and see the bigger picture, the truth the only version of events that really matters.


Drama’s over, kids. The US will be patching shortly. Don’t forget EU people to have your World Quests done before you go to bed tonight.

Time to move on.

One thought on “Patches

  1. Today is a rare day I do wish I was still a part of Twitter to add my comments to @Rygarius from last night blog post. He had a knack for the notes. And if there was “something doesn’t seem right” he took the time to go read, find out if something was worded wrong, and would let you know. He was one of the last people there that I personally felt “got it”. That the communications with players was key. I never held him responsible for changes. He was the messenger, and a fine one at that.


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