Over the weekend, I watched some people on my feed talk about how awful PvP is currently. Yesterday, I watched a notable PvP troll try and stitch up Brian Holinka by using a fake Tweet to attack players. For a very long time, all the people I listen to with an interest in this side of game play have cared about is how awful Player versus Player has become. If it’s not that, then the terrible nature of rewards in ‘classic’ content and that maybe nobody has any incentive to play any more seem to be inevitable fallbacks. Except I disagree, 100%. I absolutely love PvP as it now stands. AdmittedlyI haven’t stepped into a Battleground for I don’t know how long, but I believe that might be about to change with my Snowfeather Mount quest (I’m not spoiling myself, before you ask.) When that happens, I won’t give a flying fuck about how much honour I earn, the state of my gear or how quickly I die. You see, PvP isn’t about rewards and preparation for me. It’s just something you either enjoy, or you don’t.

Putting PvP Arenas and Targets into the World Quest ‘rotation’ is a work of utter genius.


Some of the most fun I’ve had in WQ’s has been killing other players: preserving Murlocs, the Dudebros Arena, Black Rook Hold all are brilliantly conceived and cleverly executed pieces of brief whimsy that you can dip in and out of as you choose. Because you’re always a winner, organised PvP is now hugely satisfying. In fact I’d go so far to say that all those people duking it out for mounts and titles are doing this whole thing completely wrong. I absolutely adore the joy of randomly zoning in, biffing the crap out of half a dozen obviously committed and serious players in a WQ and then buggering off again. Of all the parts of this game, I’d say those changes to PvP are the best of all for a PvE player and I’ll tell you why. NOTHING CHANGES. I don’t need any particular gear. I might have a ‘special’ PvP shot that I’ve learnt but it’s not even on my bars when I play. The reason is this is so great is that I just do what I do in PvE, and just don’t care.

This part of the game, more than any other, seems overly burdened with the weight of player expectation.


If you want to hate something, it will just happen, regardless of how good it might be. If all you choose to see is the negative? Well, that will affect your outcomes over everything else. However, what’s probably more significant is the number of people that think if all they do is focus on negatives and try and attempt to make name for themselves as some kind of evangelist, that their ideas to fix PvP will somehow bring about the new renaissance? For every player who insists there is something wrong, there are many others just happily playing regardless. So many simply do the grind with everything, and accept that if you want a real notion of progress, that’s what matters more than perceived ‘rewards’ You can, after all, gain satisfaction from the most badly made games, if your focus is not on what given to use, but what you can gain from a critical and detached understanding of experience.

In conclusion? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my PvP experience thus far in Legion. I should earn a Prestige level via WQ’s eventually, and that’s more PvP than I undertook in the entirely of Warlords. In this regard, it’s most definitely a step in the right direction.

I genuinely believe this. You can stop laughing any time now.

3 thoughts on “Happy

  1. My only issue with PvP in Legion is the same as it’s always been as a healer. I’m stunned, interrupted, or spell locked too easily to always feel effective.

    But that just means I have somebody on me that actually knows to go after healers, which, in contrast, rarely seems to happen with my team.

    That’s not on Legion though and I still manage to be second to top heals usually (behind my wife) when I do PvP, so I’m okay with that.


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