Having just written a blog post that included a graph as proof with only a 40 year span, I was reminded of this tweet my mate SAR stuck in the timeline this week. If I thought 40 years wasn’t a decent sample size, this one’s for 7.1.5 which, at the time, had only been live for three days. However, when you look at the list of hotfixes that popped up on Friday evening… well, come on, Hunters are so broken you couldn’t even sell them as shop damaged in a fire sale.

Therefore, I can fully understand why the continued assertions that ‘everything is fine’ with my Hunter might have led to a bit of healthy banter in my Twitter timeline over the last few days. Having gone through all the comments? I think all of that vitriol can be best summed up with this tweet:

Okay, so I thought long and hard and have come up with some ‘facts’ of my own in defence: Item One is the DPS logs from yesterday’s unexpected Kara run:


Yup, last night I topped the meters. In a 5 man. In shock news, for little old me, I did more damage in current content than I’ve ever done in my Warcraft life. What is that you’re saying, I can’t use a DPS meter that only records AOE damage, that’s not relevant, but a graph that takes in three days worth of cumulative damage is suddenly gospel? Oh yeah, I’m BM too so what the fuck would I know about Marks? I can happily defend lovefests like the Professions Q&A when its relevant to my particular interests, but when it comes to Hunters because I have no conception of what really matters? You’re absolutely right of course, I don’t play in a raid. To be honest it is the exact attitude of people like this who think belittling other people because they clearly can’t cope with ‘facts’ and ‘truth’ that’s driven me away from raiding to begin with. However, I still listen, and it was because of SAR’s long conversation with me on Friday (for which I am still grateful) that I grasped why. Dissent is healthy, having those contrary voices is exactly what is needed at present.

The problem is very few people can do this without it becoming depressingly personal.

This is a point that I grasp only too well. I’m in no position to silence anybody else’s feed, even if it is becoming abundantly obvious you’re being surreptitiously targeted. This is the chance you take as a writer in sticking your thoughts and feelings out into the ether. It’s the risk designers take when allowing themselves to be public faces of a company, and however you might like to think you can avoid the anger, there’s no way it can be, because some people just end up being that person. It was at about this time last year I believe that my actions caused a similar issue, and the mistake I made then was trying to remove the dissent from my timeline. I’ve learnt the lesson: if you want to bait me and present abuse as a legitimate form of argument, I am in no position to silence you, so go right ahead. The intractable fact remains that this game is played in a myriad of different ways, and mine is no different to yours. I just choose to champion mine and tell you to be quiet unless you can argue in a more adult fashion. The word ‘wankfest’ remains the best description of the last few days for one reason: that’s what it looks like to me, over here. That’s what I’m still seeing, and therefore it’s the best descriptor I have.


Because I don’t use names, I’m not attacking you personally. If I wanted to, there’s a list over there of everybody I could name and shame, but then that makes me no better than the people I’m supposed to NOT be ignoring but still listening to even though their actions have in the last 24 hours pushed me to tears. This genuinely isn’t some thinly-veiled swipe at ANYBODY. Stop deciding it is. Quit with the persecution. You’re not clever, and most importantly of all the harder you try to shut me up, the more determined I will become to ensuring your ‘voice’ isn’t the only one being heard by the Devs. In shock news, all those other people who never make a sound and play happily in their classes are providing feedback passively in a far more satisfactory way than any amount of peen-based explosions ever will. Blizzard has all those numbers, and that’s how the class balance process begins in the first place.

Congratulations Hunters, it is our turn to take our place at the bottom of the damage meters. We also win the ‘Most Entitled Warcraft Class of 2016’ by quite some distance. Warlocks never stood a chance, mostly because they’re only beginning to grasp they’ve been a pet class all this time. I’m embarrassed and ashamed at the last week’s behaviour, that it’s come down to belittling each other as a preference to simply enjoying what we have. In the end it is often easier just to attack wildly rather than deal with the issues ourselves… well, not me. I’m off to find MORE dissent, not less. It is time to try and understand WHY some people think the best way to afford change is to attack the people trying to do just that. If I can help along the way? So much the better, but it doesn’t really matter.

Sometimes, like it or not, you learn more by losing.

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