The Nighthold Launches 17/18th January


This week sees the final piece of Legion’s expansion launch content not open to players finally become playable: the Nighthold is Suramar’s heart and soul, and within its walls lies Gul’dan himself. Adventurers with a score to settle will need to have ‘unlocked’ the Instance via the Insurrection questline, and once that’s done this is the timetable for difficulties and wing access via LFR:

January 17/18: Nighthold Normal and Heroic difficulties open.
January 24/25: Nighthold Mythic/Raid Finder Wing 1 (Arcing Aqueducts) open.
February 7/8: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 2 (Royal Athenaeum) opens.
February 21/22: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 3 (Nightspire) opens.
March 7/8: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 4 (Betrayer’s Rise) opens.

This means the race to clear the content first amongst the World’s ‘elite’ Guilds will be on again starting with US reset. Watch this space for more details of who kills Gul’dan first.

7.1.5 Hotfixes are Many and Varied


After the launch of 7.1.5 last week, there were a number of complaints that many classes seemed woefully undertuned, especially from the Hunter community. A series of hotfixes will be applied prior to server resets ahead of the Nighthold’s opening to amend this, and Activision Blizzard will continue to monitor damage outputs moving forward.

In less contentious Hotfix News, we’d like to offer our respect to whoever it was who forced this change to be instigated in the first place:


Legion Developer Q&A covers the ‘Breadth’ of Gametime


Although unpopular with some due to the lack of content surrounding Class and Spec changes, last Thursday’s Developer Livechat proved very successful with those interested in the ‘breadth’ of 7.1.5 content: new Micro Holidays, Brawler’s Guild and Professions all received screen time, and there were a number of revealing and reassuring insights into the ‘casual’ side of Warcraft game-play. Much respect goes to Paul Kubit for his time and application to task in what was often a very hostile accompanying Twitch chat stream.

Community Manager Roundup: PvP Traits disabled, How to upgrade Legendaries in the Nighthold


Community Manager Ornyx had the difficult task of announcing to the PvP Community this week that the initial plans to allow players to unlock traits above L35 had been disabled at 7.1.5’s launch. As the current PvP Season is in progress, it was deemed that there had been insufficient time for players to prepare themselves, and so the ‘update’ has been deferred.

Community Manager Rythmor also informed players of how you will be able to update ‘old’ Legendary items to the new iLevel 940 base. Contrary to some circulating rumours, this will have nothing to do with the current quest line involving Illidan.

And Finally…

The first Warcraft Expansion, ‘The Burning Crusade’ turned 10 years old yesterday.

If you’ve remained with the game this long, we salute you.

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