I apologise for lack of words yesterday, regular readers (all 120 of you, one day we should all get together and have a party) but Real Life sometimes gets the upper hand. I wrote what I think is a solid piece however for MMO Games on why Mythic Plus is the new Black, and I’d urge you to go read it because then I can at least keep the paying job… but also because I think it’s pretty damn fine. It also made me do a bit of a reassessment of the gaming landscape I’m treading, and it occurs to me that as my life becomes more involved with stuff away from Azeroth, I’m being less swayed by the ‘hooks’ that once upon a time used to keep me from logging out. Now, especially on days like to day, I’m lucky if I log in before late into the evening.

Last night I only did that to get a quest to upgrade my Legendaries.


When you don’t rely on organised content to upgrade yourself, the choices you make are still very much dictated by the easiest path to decent gear. That means it is quicker to do 5 Timewalking dungeons for me to have a chance at a Nighthold upgrade than it would ever be to do organised raiding. Plus, as an added bonus, YAY NEW MOUNT THIS WEEKEND. These are the details that now matter far more than achievement points and any notion of being ‘current’ because the stuff away from Azeroth suddenly became a bit more significant. However, right now I am trying to do my best to balance it all, but it would be a fair assessment to state my existence is like a badly constructed game of Jenga right now.

However, this still does not preclude actual progress.


I now own the ‘Flame Wreath’ trinket from Karazhan which has done decent things to my dps, quite apart from the fact this was all before my class got all those buffs on reset, which has yet to be tested. I hope this weekend to at least have a chance to kill stuff, but even if I don’t there’s still enough Timewalking badges on the Mage to pick up my latest mount regardless. If that is all I end up taking away from the weekend, it will be enough. Sometimes, the notion of progress is all that you need.

With that, I’ll be back to filling in job applications.

One thought on “Wish You Were Here

  1. I didn’t realize the TW quest dropped nighthold gear.. I thought it was still emerald nightmare stuff. (Cache of nightmarish treasures – the name always made me think that..)

    The TW runs are fun for nostalgia alone.


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