Last night, 7.2 began deployment onto the PTR. Almost immediately, there were people with issues:

I appreciate that this timetable might be a bit of a shock for some. After all, there’s still memories of what has come before:

Here’s the key distinction between then and now: this is a different team, a more considered approach to the task in hand. These guys care in a way that is both refreshing and distinct from those who have come before. Yet still there’s a selfish arrogance to a section of the player base that doesn’t alter, which seems unwilling to diminish:

When you read what’s going to be on the PTR to begin with? You have to wonder why people are fussing:


I know some will be celebrating the Pet battle Dungeon. I for one definitely welcome the the Wardrobe changes with open arms, and as I am a compulsive tab-targetter? Yeah, this is all great stuff that is fine and I’m not that fussed when it happens because I AM NOT IN A HURRY. Also, I’d like to point out that nobody can complain they don’t know what’s going on, that this hasn’t been communicated in a clear and timely fashion. Seriously people, what do you want? For those of you still baying for the heads of the Devs on poles? Seriously, this joke’s past old. Go wank about something else.

If you ask me what I’d like to see in 7.2, I’d argue that this is the time when we could do with a Mobile Update that’s more substantive than previously, especially as many of us have characters for whom the Class Order hall portion of the UI is largely redundant. However, I’m able to make between 3-4500g every time the gold missions come up now with unerring regularity,  so the temptation to level alts in downtime is beginning to rise. It will be of genuine interest to me to see what the quest lines involve for the procurement of my Class Mount too, and I will now be actively avoiding spoilers everywhere in an attempt to at least maintain some element of surprise. All in all, 7.2 has a lot to offer me in Casual Corner. I’ll freely admit I’m rather looking forward to it already.

4 thoughts on “What Do You Want

  1. I’ve been feeling the alt itch lately, but I log onto them and then sit afk as my attention goes elsewhere. (I suspect the reason behind it, just getting over that bad experience is the fun part.)
    Ready for the tab target fixes, so tired of targeting things waaaay over there when something’s beating my face in lol.
    If they’d add the ah to the new mobile app, it would make the app better, at least to me.


  2. It was back end loaded a couple of hours ago and people are complaining already?? WTF.

    It is a TEST realm. As in – they put it on there, for the purposes of TESTING. Why do people assume that “if it’s on the PTR it’s final” when by the bloody definition of TEST REALM is…actually I give up. There is NO CURE FOR ANNOYINGLY STUPID.

    Also – don’t people (forum whiners) listen?? They SAID that as soon as a patch is loaded, the next one will be on the PTR.

    I feel the same way about forum whiners as I do my minions when I’m telling them for the billionth time to clean up their bedrooms. Lucky for the whiners, Ion Hazzikostas is too polite to yell, “YOU SHOULD HAVE BLOODY LISTENED THE FIRST TIME!”


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