Today is the first of a series of digital experiments using Social media as a means to present long-form information. Twitter’s Moments feature has fascinated me for a while now, and so I’ve decided we’ll use it more often to transmit information across the ether. Today? It’s all about patch 7.2

The next step? Writing an entire Blog Post using in-game screenshots. That’s for later but for now? Enjoy :D

One thought on “Not Fade Away

  1. As a (filthy) casual player, first was overjoy!!

    Second was – well, maybe really time to abandon all hope of playing alts. I can barely keep up with my main (now that you can update legendaries – he has 3) and I’m days “behind” even world quests in my two alts.

    I was starting to enjoy alt-play. So this would “take away” from that. Then I realized, nothing is being taken away, I just have the option to do what I want now.

    Not forced to play alts because my casual main hit a wall of non-progression due to lack of in game activities.

    Not forced to grind out my main on activities I do not enjoy because of some progression mindset, guild responsibility, etc.

    Yup, they finally did get it.


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