I was excited about the introduction of Micro Holidays. I make no bones about this fact, and yesterday as the Lunar Festival kicked off (more on that in the week) I did something I’ve meant to do for a while, and I used Social media to ‘report’ on the event. for those of you who care about the details? Here’s the skinny:

However, this isn’t the whole story. As you can see by one of the Tweets in that moment, this holiday actively encourages you to do Legacy content for both current and ‘past’ rewards, and last night I will freely admit I did just this and have picked up 3 pieces of Striker’s Battlegear for the Hunter. However, it wasn’t just that, but the gun I didn’t own the look for, the Mooncloth Shoulders pattern the tailor needs since forever, and the realisation that there’s still so much of this game that I’ve never really ‘finished.’ However, the real lightbulb moment yesterday was the guy who piped up in general, asking what the point of the entire Festival was to begin with:

Of course it isn’t just that, there ends up being a Horde banner up in Silithus for the next year (and presumably in perpetuity because EU Alliance are lazy bastids) and I get to relive a classic moment in my play history. I spent quite a lot of time grinding in Silithus, after all. I can remember the day the gates opened on my Server and fighting the first boss in AQ20. There is a disturbing amount of nostalgia wrapped up in this choice by the Dev team, plus a very clever recycling of the core mechanics around the Twilight Cultists. It uses old wold locations and gives them a new lease of life, and I can absolutely guarantee that this will mean we’ll be seeing World Quests in the Old World with far greater regularity. I can see End Game content being ‘updated’ too, so that there’s a relevance beyond you going back and slogging out the Reputations.

This is a new and exciting time for those of us who now live in casual content.


I’m curious to know how many people took part Europe wide, and I’m hoping that there’ll be a Q&A where I can ask that question. I’m also hoping that the company will look at this event and learn lessons about what works and doesn’t, because personally I’d love to have seen the whole zone scale up to 100 and not just the Cultists. However, I am very glad that there’s no plans to make AQ40 a Timewalking raid any time soon, because I’m not sure I’d be able to cope with the concept of that in a bunch of random gomers. It’s still an amazing place to go, and even more fun as a solo player. I have my Tentacle somewhere, I should pull it out for old time’s sake.

This has been a brilliant weekend for just wallowing and enjoying Azeroth.

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