Patch 7.2 is Live on the PTR

As promised back at the ‘What’s Next’ Warcraft panel at Blizzcon, patch 7.2 was deployed to the PTR on the 19th, and is the first major content patch of the Expansion. It includes an Instance (the Tomb of Sargeras) a new dungeon, plus a complete World Campaign based around the Broken Shore. Players will also have a set of personal quests to complete that will award a Class specific mount. At present, there is no major content to test, but for the casual player there’s a number of welcome Quality of Life changes already available:

  • The number of Class order hall traits has been increased to three, which includes the ability to increase follower numbers by one
  • A separate tab has been added to the Appearances feature that shows which pieces of tier gear you have collected
  • New visual effects are being tested for several classes, and improvements are being made to the process of tab-targetting


January’s a Holiday Bonanza

There’s still time to enjoy the revamp of Silithus’ Twilight Cultist ‘event’ that will be familiar to anyone who was around when the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj opened for the first time on the Medivh US Server on January 23, 2006. Here’s a video of that event, for those of you who may not know why this new Micro holiday has been introduced:

Azeroth in 5 sent a reporter to the Gates for a lowdown on what this new event means in modern Azeroth: you can read the report here.


The Lunar Festival continues for the rest of this month, and we’ll be reporting on this event too in the weeks that follow.


Tuning Passes and Hotfixes to Nighthold Content Continue

As is traditional after a new raid instance is deployed, there’s a constant stream of hotfixes and alterations to class power and abilities that is accompanying the build up to the opening of Mythic difficulty Nighthold, which will occur after US reset on the 24th. This is a good opportunity to remind players that the new maximum gear level that is rewardable from this instance is iLevel 925. To qualify for this possible maximum upgrade, your base gear reward must be iLevel 895 or above. There’s also been a Mythic Keystone level cap increase, from 12 to 15, plus an increase in the drop rate of Curious Coins.


Changes to EU Forums Incoming

Community Manager Aerythlea took to the EU Forums to discuss some changes being made that will bring this area more in line with its US counterpart. In summary:

  • “Transmogrification” forum added ‘for all your budding fashionista needs!’
  • “Dungeons & Raids” forum re-opened
  • “PvE Discussions” forum renamed “Quests & Achievements.”
  • “PvP Discussions” split into two new forums: “Arena” & “Battlegrounds.”
  • “PvP Discussions” forum removed. Remember to save anything you’d like to keep :D

EU Maintenance Schedule


And Finally…


Image from Kotaku.com

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, South Korea pops out of left field to remind you that yes, you can make an entire cookery programme around an MMO. Entitled Wow! Recipe? The Meal Is Ready, the first episode went live on the 27th. If you’ve watched it, we’d love a review :D


We’ll be back again next week, have fun in Azeroth!



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