It is unlikely that I’ll get to start ‘doing’ the Lunar Festival this week until Reset has been and gone. When I do get to Moonglade, my first task will be to collect enough coins to complete the Dragon Costume you can see above. My main concern is that it’s three Toys to add to the box, but the obvious intention here is to encourage players to make massively long ribbons of Orange to ring in the Chinese New Year.

However, I already see a problem.


This isn’t like your normal procession of Mammoths, people. To make this work you need one head, one tail and an indeterminate number of body parts. Except, who gets to be in charge? In a game full of leaders and with perilously few followers, how does one decide the person at the front? More importantly, who’d want to be bringing up the rear?


Part of me can’t help but wonder if this is some kind of Social Experiment on ActiBlizz’ part: let’s see if anyone does this. It’s a brilliant idea on a whiteboard if you believe your audience is capable of grasping the concept, but honestly won’t everyone just wear the head part and have done with it? Will the tail never get a use, or will it become an ironic ‘I have no friends’ meme for the future…? Will people even grasp that co-operation is required to make this combination of purchases worthwhile?


The people who will save this Toy will be the roleplayers, of course, because they will be happy to divide responsibility without a fight breaking out, and for them alone I am encouraged at the change of tack in terms of seasonal rewards. It’s a beautiful piece of lateral thinking from a Company who isn’t often that smart with aesthetic rewards, and I for one welcome the change in direction, and hope this is just the start of many Toys that make players think as they loot them. For those of you still arguing who gets to be at the front?

Maybe you can /role for it.

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