Yes, I know this is market research, after a fashion, but social media posts like this are, at least to me, immensely annoying. It is roughly akin to my youngest asking me what/who my favourite colour/song/shirt/child is on any give day. Some of us don’t play that game any more. We know that having a favourite is dangerous. It stops being about lovely non-controversial and ultimately productive discussion and becomes a ‘them v us’ debate instead. Then there has to be a winner, and a loser, and we’re back to that situation I’m now living through daily in the Real world. You come to your games to escape, an increasing number of people want to tell me. Stop bringing your divisive views in here. Nobody wants reality in Azeroth, because then we can’t ignore the sky falling. Shoo with your opinion… unless of course it’s on stuff like this.

Opinion makes for great social media. Having a favourite allows you to blacklist the things you dislike. Choice compels you to name a favourite so the Devs know what to make more of. Except, on days like today when I’m tired, unwell and ultimately sick of the real world games played in the name of progress, you see through the curtain at the person behind, desperately winding the wheel in the hope of maintaining interest. Yeah, I get you’re asking this now so when you announce the NEXT Expansion it’s again full of the stuff people want, and lots of it. The whole of Legion’s based on a conceit I can’t buy into, won’t be a part of. I play when I can, not when I need. That is no longer a life that attracts or compels, and once you cross that threshold… I’m pretty confident I don’t want to go back.


I make the time for the little things that matter: like tonight I’ll go Word Quest and then it will be coins for the Lunar Dragon Costume. If I find summat that looks interesting, it’ll give me a topic to write about in the morning, but its increasingly likely I’ll pin my hopes on the PTR throwing up a discussion topic. My in game adventures are no longer the stuff that the majority will hold an interest in. When you won’t pin colours to a flag, sometimes it means having to readdress priorities elsewhere. That’s perfectly fine, we’re on an almost constant stream of information aggregation anyway in these days of continuous data. If you get particularly bored, I have a piece on MMO Games later on Karazhan’s reinvention. Failing that, you could always log off and do something else.


These are interesting times we live in, people. This won’t be the place for real world ranting, that I will promise you now. If you’re interested in my opinion? Go here. For now, I will swallow my discomfort at having favourites an simply re-assert that this is the best expansion the Company have ever produced. It’s like Vanilla without the shit stuff. Honestly, if you play with an open mind and the understanding you’re the one in charge? This is as close to perfect as it gets. Make the most of those moments.

You have no idea how long they are going to last.

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